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Thoughts on My Diet?


Some background info...
College student at Virginia Tech (Junior). Been trying to gain some mass, but it capped off except for the last 2 months or so. Freshman year I got out the corps or cadets weighing nothing, 5'9" at 115-120. Started lifting and eating more when I got out and hit 145 or so in 6 months. Decided to cut since I found most ppl cut during the winter (bad idea), stayed at 145 and leaned out a little. very slow bulk to 155 before this year started in august.

I'm off campus now and went from 155 to 170 in 7 weeks. My weight is still moving as you can tell, I just want as much advise as I can get so it doesn't stop. Not sure of the weight goal yet, depends on how I look. I'm weighing in with about 9-10% bf

5 eggs
1tbsp coconut oil
1tbsp butter
3 sausage links
about 20oz whole milk with coffee

meal 2,3,4
6-8oz of (depending whats on sale) chicken/pork/beef
2 tbsp of fat (1:1 choosing between olive oil, coconut oil or butter)
6oz brocc or green beans
sprinkle or milled flax to make a "sauce" with the extra oils
maybe some shredded parm

Peri shake of whey conc. dextrose, leucine and creatine with Vit C spread throughout the day and 12g of fish oil/day
70g dextrose, 45 grams protein and 12g leucine
Immediately after workout 450cal of white bread. picked this because it's transport and doesnt get messy, plus I want an insulin spike so the lack of fiber is ideal compared to oats or something.

with last meal I have decaf coffee and another 20oz of milk

Fitday says it puts me at about 4800 cal.

Any thoughts questions or concerns are appreciated. I think I'm aiming for about 185-190 with single digit fat (if you guys need some kind of goal for critiquing). also, if there's anything I should expect when my weight starts to continuously climb (clearly more cal overall) that's good to know.


Also, training with ws4sb now...