Thoughts On My Cycle

Hey I am 31 yrs old 6 ft 200lbs.I have done about 5 cycles in my past,this will be my second Tren ace one and this is the 10 week cycle I was planning on I am open to thoughts and opinions.I will be using the pyramid method as I think that is one of the best methods out there IMO.

Week 1-Winny 560mg,Tren ace 400mg,sustanon 800mg
Week 2-Winny 700mg,Tren ace 600mg,Sustanon 1,000mg
Week 3&4-Winny 700mg,Tren ace 800mg,Sustanon 1,000mg
Week 5-Winny 840mg,Tren ace 1,000mg,Sustanon 1,200mg
Week 6&7-Winny 700mg,Tren ace 500mg,Sustanon 1,000
Week 8- Winny 560mg,Tren ace 400mg,Sustanon 800mg
Week 9&10-Winny 350mg, drop Tren ace,Sustanon 600mg

I have a great PCT ready which I have perfected with my body type over the years Thxs for taking your time to read this and respond

Are you a professional body builder?

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No I am not a pro😂

3+grams of gear = pretty much guaranteed cardiomyopathy by early 40s.

Do low level sustanon/ T, thats it, and run through programs off this site like below and at your height you will hit 220 practically overnight…

Thxs for ur input I have ran 2.5 grams before and had very minor side affects and made insane gainz which I kept most I just want to try that little extra something that will put me over the top if u know what I mean

The beauty of destroying your heart is that you don’t notice it right away. So while you run 2.5g and have few side effects you’re silently killing the thing that is responsible for your continued existence on this earth.

Usually guys who run this amount of gear look like it. I don’t ever ask anyone for pictures (because I don’t actually need to see shirtless dudes) but for what you’re talking about doing you better have a damn good reason. Because you are absolutely abusing these drugs. Outside of the professional circles this kind of cycle is almost universally regarded as reckless.


K so I looked at this program template briefly (not in depth), but how the fuck can one do 3x3 at 100% of their 1RM, that’s impossible is it not.

I’d love to do a program like this (strength and mass orientated), but my fucking joints can’t take the heavy lifting (it’s always light/moderate weight for high reps), it’s always held me back somewhat I think.

I can go moderately heavy for my small size (CAN bench over 225), but it’s not worth it, I’d rather do like 60kg for 25 reps, doesn’t fuck my shoulders/rotator cuffs nearly as much.

But I do @jpoutlaws13 let’s see a pic, you’re 6 ft 200lb yet you’ve run these insane doses. You must either look great and have 5% BF or something or have terrible diet and training

I just care of a bulking cycle so this is what I was planning on cutting I gained more than I would have liked when I bulked and I do bodybuilding but I am not a pro I would consider my self average tbh but I c what u mean ironyuppie this is high dosage but I was thinking of doing it once and than slowly going of gear in maybe the next year but i am open to adjusting the dosages as long as you have had past experiences on that dosage Thxs

I’m all about using multiple compounds and I don’t prescribe to the “run it super low at 200mg/week”

But the doses you have listed are just ridiculous.

First off there is no need to pyramid any of these drugs. The only thing your going tk acomplish with that is unstable levels. 9 weeks is too long to run winstrol.

Bro just keep it simple run sus and tren at “normal” doses (around 300-500)and add winstrol at 50mg/day for last 4-6 weeks

There is literally no benefit to running a gram of tren a week vs 500mg week.

You don’t find tren cough enjoyable?

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Lol. It does wake you up quick in the morning if your sleepy

But I do agree my numbers are a little high it was just like a rough estimate

Ok Thxs for your input but have u had past experiences running at both of those levels and if u have what kind of gainz did u make?

At what levels? The ones I suggested or the ones you suggested. I would never run tren that high.

Im currently using low test high tren at 200/400 a week respectively and masteron at 500 I’m doing a recomp In a calorie deficit and making amazing muscle gains. And Great fat loss.

Even professional body builders don’t use tren at 1 gram a week. Because there is literally no point.

I disagree with u many pro bodybuilders are running a gram of Tren ace a week even many in my daily competition I c it everyday

Thats crazy. I’m 230 6 foot an relatively low in BF and I would never do that. I work out with guys 240-250 8% bodyfat who don’t run that kind of gear.

You need to research demnishing returns.

The concept behind running a gram of Tren a week literally makes no sense. That’s not how the compound works. And anyone who is using it like that is abusing it and extremely uneducated. I would not listen to anything they say or follow in thier footsteps.

Ok I would like to know what u would recommend than on my cycle I’m for sure keeping Sustanon and Winny with Tren but what dosages would you recommend?

I hate this question. I don’t know nearly enough about you to reccomend dosages I’m also not a coach or claim to be. But I’m going to strictly for the sake of hopefully preventing you from using the doses you planned.

For me I prefer low testosterone over high but I don’t think you would agree so il suggest this.

Testosterone 500mg/week
Tren 4-500mg/week
Winstrol 50mg/day for last 4-6 weeks

These doses I listed are still probably higher then what you need but I figured giving you anything lower you wouldn’t listen. So this is a max reccomendation.

Ok thxs a lot Zeek tbh I will probs do tht one last question though why would u only run Winny for 4-6 weeks I’ve previously taken it for 10 weeks and did just find at a 60 mg a day? And had no side affects from it except the slight irration from the joints