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Thoughts on My Cycle and PCT?

Getting ready for my first cycle in many years.

12 weeks of Test E at 350 every 5 days. Not interested in higher doses. Going to use the AI Arimidex while on cycle. Not sure of the dose as if now. But .025mg to 1md EOD seems to be the norm.

My PCT will consist of Nolvadex 20/20/10/10 and Aromasin at 12.5 EOD. Clomid is not an option as it doesn’t agree with me. My decision to go somewhat low on the Nolvadex is based on the lower dose of Testosterone Enthanate. PCT should last around 4 weeks.

How’s this sound to more experienced users? Especially the PCT angle.

I’m 43 years of age. 5’10. 220 pounds. The goal is to build lean mass and drop fat.

Thanks in advance.

Aromasin during pct is a no-no. You’ll crash e2 and be very unhappy.

The Nolva dose is a little low, but you may be able to get away with it. Tough to tell. Seeing guys go at those doses but for six weeks instead of four.

100 % agreed with you, sometimes people on this board tell you what, how, and not everyone is the same , Google your question and see how many people have 20 different ideas. But honestly , don’t over do it, and here’s one big thing your work out is 30%% and Det clean is 70% ! Nicely and educationally well put :grin:

Thanks for theresponse. I’ve read an AI is needed for PCT but Arimidex and nolvadex cancel each other out. That’s why I went for the Aromasin

My diet and workout plan are all taken care of so far, though I expect to tweak then as I go.

I could always increase the Nolvadex dosages. I’m still trying to figure out the Aromasin issue. I heard it stimulates Testosterone during PCT.

Ok I know someone on here disagrees with me but ride the nolvadex so your nips don’t hurt … and here it goes, when you got two weeks before your last two injections start taking the hcg cause you’re body knows to yes eventually start but why wait cause after your last injection the time period goes like this day 1 you don’t notice much , 10% day 2-3 goes to 30% of the 250 mgs . Then at days 4-6 you are peeked at 250 mgs days 7-9 it goes back down to 75 mgs. Days 10. -14 it will fade to zero ! So that’s why I have always done it 2 weeks before to help your natural testes rolling again so there are no downtimes cause you are already on it plus some gear left. Honestly Google it , to check on my ways I do it :grin::grin::grin:

Best advice of 2018: Wherever you read that is not to be relied upon in 2019.

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Aromasin during pct will obliterate your e2. That’s what it does. That’s it’s one and only purpose in this world. While you’re in recovery you’re attempting to get your hpta restarted, which is why you use a SERM like Nolva. Your natural testosterone (and yes, estrogen) will start to come back to normal levels. If you use aromasin while that’s happening you’ll be pushing that e2 way down at a time when all you want is to return to normal. Aromasin is great at keeping e2 under control when you’re on supraphysiological levels of testosterone. But once that condition is no longer there the need for such a reduction is gone as well.