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Thoughts on My Bulking Plan

Currently finishing up my cut and then I’m going to enter my first bulk. I’ve kinda always just trained with no real defined goal, so now I’m getting focused.
Below is my plan. A good amount of those supplements will probably get cut. I’m going to be using Metformin to help force the nutrients into my muscles like a less effective Indigo 3G for the poor guy. I’m going to eat over my daily calorie expenditure by about 600-700. The meal outline works for all day because for each some meals are excluded because of not having a morning workout or it being a rest day.

******Eat at least-
Double Workout day: 5,100
One workout days: 4,600
Rest days: 3,600

Metformin- 2 times per day
Digestive Enzymes- 6-8 times per day
Vitamin D3 2,000IU- 3 times per day
B-12 1,500 mcg- 3 times per day
Vitamin C 1,000mg- 3 times per day
Cayenne Pepper shot- 3-5 times per day
Green tea supplement- twice daily
ZMA- Nightly
6 grams of creatine in shake

Lime juice squirt in the morning for alkalization
2 gallons of water a day

meal 1 before morning workout 500 calories
meal 2 after shower 600
meal 3 lunch 800
meal 4 after school 500
meal 5 pre-workout 200
meal 6 in workout 500
meal 7 post workout 600
meal 8 dinner 1000
meal 9 before bed 500*******

Here are some questions I hope you more experienced guys could help me with.
Should I worry about saving some meals as my non mixing of fat and carbs and just keeping it fat and protein?
If so should I have my morning meal, night meal, or both as a just fat and protein meal?

Thanks for any help!

Would be good to know what your macros are like, how much you weigh, and approximate bf%. 5100 kcals seems like a lot to be starting out with right off the bat, but if you’re already pretty big then it could be justified.

If not then I’d increase things incrementally. Even if you’re doing 2-a-days, if you gain 5 pounds in the first week, it could end up being as much as 4 lbs of fat (unless you’re regaining muscle or are highly untrained). But, I don’t have experience with the effects of glucose disposal agents, so who knows.

I would be inclined to consume my calories in as few meals as I could because of the more recent information regarding meal frequency. In short, Muscle Catabolism and Metabolic rate aren’t nearly as fickle as has been suggested in the past. With 5100 calories though, you might still have to eat 6 times a day to get it all in.

As for the Fat and Carbs thing, it was my understanding that this is no longer believed to be a significant factor (though nutrient timing still is). I’ll let someone else be the expert on that.

Thanks for the reply man.
I based the number of calories I’ve set to eat off of a calorie expenditure calculators so I would have an idea of about how much I burn.
I don’t know body fat, but it looks like at the end of my cut I might be 155-60 at 5’8.
Each meal will have at least 50 grams of protein, so I’ll be eating 350 on off days, 400 on one workout days, and 450 on 2 a days. I might remove one meal though because that seems like too much protein because I’d very possibly end up eating 500 grams of protein on a 2 a day.
As for fat to carbs I’m not completely sure, but I’ll mostly be eating carbs. Fat wise I’m going to try to eat a good amount of saturated and monounsaturated fats.