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Thoughts on My Bodybuilding Workout?


Hey all.
Iâ??m stock in my old bodybuilding routine and need some new thoughts on a bodybuilding workout routine.
Iâ??m on a diet for the moment keep that in mind and Iâ??m not sure if I need to work out my body twice a week?

My old routine is like this:
Monday: Chest & Biceps â?? Steady state cardio
Tuesday: Quads & Hams
Wednesday: Cardio - HIIT
Thursday: Back & Triceps â?? Steady state cardio
Friday: Shoulder & Trapz â?? Steady state cardio
Saturday: All-around (compound lifts) â?? Steady state cardio
Sunday: Cardio - HIIT





Hvor er du fra? :slightly_smiling:


Hvor er du fra? :slight_smile:


thats not really a routine. more of an outline of your split. that is useless.

what exercises are you doing? what are your goals?


you're this kind of stock


Let's keep it in English :slight_smile:

I'm from Copenhagen, Ã?sterbro.


My goal is fat loss with no or as little muscle loss as possible.
For chest, bench press, Incline BP or DB and some cable or DB flies.
For back, pull-ups, BOR, rack-pull and seated wide grip cable rows.
For legs, squat, SLDF, Leg extension, Leg curl.
For shoulders, Push press, DB press lateral raise and BB front raise
For arms, BB curl, DB hammer curl, cable curl, CG BP, skullcrushers, triceps extensions


Cool I'm from Roskilde.



Didn't see your second post..

I guess you'd have to give more details about your diet and your workouts.. Not just what days you do what.