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Thoughts on My Bloods?


about me, age 38, lifting since I was 17.

Gyno surgery with 21, didnt touch any AAS, cant tell what caused it, maybe spiked bulgarian tribulus + too high BF? dont know.

Since that always scared of steroids side effects, so never really touched them. Only thing is 8 weeks Osta in 2016 and 2017 7 weeks 11-Oxo. So that 's it, but as I’m getting older I am looking to keep in shape and my libido in the last timing is pretty low. So I went to see the doc and here’s my blood:

Test: 3.84 (ref 2.27-10.3)
shbg 32.4 (ref 10-57)
lh 3.4 (ref 1.1-7.0)

So my doc said its all in range, what do you think? Seems low to me. Any idea to raise it up? Tried a lot test booster the last years…

Here are my labs of the last years:

2015: 4.72
2011: 3.82

Greets m_ock

Yes it’s absolutely in range for 80-90 year old men.
Also your older labs from 2011 & 2015, shows you been suffering low testosterone for a while,you should try get a testicle ultrasound be a good thing to see for varicocele, also run a prolactin test, i heard men can have a prolactinoma don’t even realise why their test levels are in the trash can.

That’s my opinion you could do Testosterone cream with an A.I the half life Test compound cream is like 36 hours maximum 1day & half i barely had much E2 on it. But honestly something is wrong i can’t tell you what.

But those levels have been low for some time now. all the best Bro.

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About 95% on men are “in range”. Range is not important unless insurance is being billed. You’re experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, but you need more information to get to the bottom of this. Is it possible to add the following tests?:

total testosterone
free testosterone
free T4
free T3
reverse T3

How did they work? Many are laced with anabolic steroids.

Thanks Buddy.
I had an testicle ultrasound in 2015 when I saw the doc, everything was ok. (thank god)

@highpull unfortunately the doc didnt meassure any other results, & even this test cost me about 100 bucks.
VitD was checked 2011 and was good, I even supplement with Vit D.

I have been a former fat boy until age 18, maybe my puberty was limited cause of that, I dont know.

most of them didnt do well, some gave me higher libido.

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Supplements for low testosterone are SHITE yes, i have tried everything Pine Pollen, Tribulus, Tongkat Ali Longjack, none of the herbs will work no where near the same as Testosterone injections. That’s the way to go. twice a week. and you will be Solid.

Sure in range for an elderly man, TRT is the only thing that raises T to high normal for those that are seriously low. If T boosters actually worked, no one would need TRT.

You doctor has failed to comprehend that it’s not alright for a 38 year old man to have the same levels as an elderly man. He didn’t put much thought in it, probably do to lack of knowledge.

I think your Dr is an idiot. Range doenst mean shit. You probably feel like shit. You need to find a new Dr and get a better range of blood work. TRT may be in your future.

Danny your going that route?

I’m kind of scared to open a can of worms maybe. Otherwise I would like to have more daytime energy, normal libido again. And making progress in the gym. As I said im working out since 20 years. Honestly, it doesnt look like 20 years^^

I mean, im bout 210 pounds now, little too high in bf, maybe ~20% - but making progress is hard, and getting harder each year.

@all, thanks for your replies. Dont trust this doc either, think is an idiot. Going to look for another one in my city.

Or would it be a good idea to start a low dose test cycle for couple of weeks to see how my body / mind response to it?

Already have done, been diagnosed with Low t, and then went onto T.R.T treatment man with private hormone doctor. was on Creams first for testosterone, now injectable testosterone. All the best for u to bro.

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So, I’m in. My doc scripted me Test Enantat. Started of last friday with 80mg subQ. Feeling good so far, since yesterday little fatigue is coming back, wait for my next shot on friday.
You think I should start to 2x weekly injects, or see how it goes after couple of weeks?

Regarding steroidcalc T is going down pretty far at the end of the first week.
btw. is it a reliable calculator?

Your levels have decreased by now, if you felt good for 3 days and then a decline, you just found your perfect injection frequency. When I started TRT I always felt the same days 1-2, always different days 3 and on.

Hi @systemlord, thanks for your reply. In the last weeks I have read many of your posts and as my SHBG is not that high i decided to switch to e3.5d injections (50mg). 4 weeks later I got blood drawn and discussed the results this morning with my doc. Test was slightly above reference (9.02 ug/l), but it has been on injection day before my shot. So after injection it must go pretty high than.

Thinking about reducing to 40 mg, what do you think?
Unfortunately they missed it to check my estrogen, so I cant tell it. My doc is not an expert with hormones, but he is a good guy, and giving me script for T. But I feel like I’m on my own with this treatment , so I’m so happy to have you guys.

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This is the case most of the time, doctors usually do not bother getting the optional education in sex hormones because they never plan on getting too involved with TRT, TRT is not where the money is at in medicine. The only way a doctor has your back is if he has a general interest in sex hormones and treats men in an private anti-aging or sports medicine clinic.

These private doctors can affect more change in their patients than in sick car setting where insurance companies are always auditing doctors looking for excuses withholding payment for excessive lab testing, more often than not these sick care doctors are only looking at minimum labs setting the patient up to fail.

I started TRT with iron 2 points above the bottom of the ranges, after one week of TRT I was iron deficient and doctors didn’t speak up because in range is normal. If they had any idea knowledge at all, they would know full well I would become iron deficient after the first week.

Damage is done, over the two and a half years on TRT, labs clearly show iron stores being gradually depleted.

Unfortunately there is no TRT or sports medicine clinic near by. There is even no Endo in my Region to find.

So what is happening now with your iron deficency? can you supplement it out?
Its the first time I read about that TRT can make that, and this again makes not feel good to have an unknloweged Doc with my TRT.

Are you still on TRT?

On had to stop TRT do to possible heart/vascular problems, it seems if I inject T I start to swell up everywhere and is there is some kind of vascular problem. I’m willing to bet whatever is happening is why my testosterone declined 4 years ago.

I have been supplementing iron and these symptoms only progress, the edema medication isn’t enough to control the symptoms any longer. I’m do for a echocardiogram tomorrow.

What I know iron deficiency is linked to blood lose, this is the only way people lose iron this is why men supplements usually comes iron free and ladies supplement comes with iron as they usually lose blood (we all know how) certain medical conditions also makes you lose blood.

And of course I may be wrong but this is what I know.

did you have white marks on your nails? That’s what i am experiencing now after 8 weeks into trt.
Reading that it could be iron related.

No white marks, doctors called yesterday to discuss my echocardiogram results, strange considering when results are uneventful his says so in the patient portal.

Then again I don’t need lab testing to know something is wrong with my heart, I feel it everyday now.