Thoughts On My Assistance & Conditioning for 531 S.V.R II?

What do you guys think of my exercise selection for assistance and conditioning for SVR II?

Assistance lifts:

All lifts are done for 5 reps in the leader & 10 reps in the anchor, done circuit style. I’ll do it EMOM for 5 circuits total.

Bench day:
Lateral raises,
Single arm DB rows,
Goblet reverse lunges.

Deadlift day:
Push-ups (harder variations when too easy),
DB Curls,
Hanging leg raises.

Press day:
Single leg RDLs.

Squat day:
DB Tricep extensions,
Inverted rows,
Farmer walks (40 meter).

For the 2 hard conditioning I will do the following:

After the squat workout:

  • 5x200m row (Rest double the time it took to row)

After the deadlift workout:

  • 10x8/52 bike intervals (8 sec sprint, 52 sec rest).

In the anchor I will add one more of the rowing workout.

Also, I walk my dog for around an hour total per day, and in the summer I will wear a 10-20kg weighted vest for 2-4 days or so.

I really tried to follow Jims program to the T here.

What do you think? Good or bad? Should I change anything?


I don’t know much about SVR so can’t comment on that.

Is farmers walk a part of SVR or something you’ve added on extra?

I’ve ordered some mini-farmers walk handles and am planning to do 16 x 100m (1 Mile) walks as a general conditioning day. The aim is to use it as a cross between strength and conditioning. Where did you get 8 sec sprint/52 sec rest for bike from?

Looks fine to me. Assistance isn’t that big a deal anyway. But if you want soms advice; Don’t get married to your assistance, it’s okay to vary it every day.

Plus, I see a couple of movements I wouldn’t do myself (you know your body better). But I’d pick from;

Pushups/dips/dumbell presses/tricep pushdowns.
Row whatever the hell you can / chinups / pullups. (Pullaparts every training day).

Back extensions/ various ab work / regular sldl’s.