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Thoughts on my Approach?

First i want to say great new book Jim, i totally get it all with the seventh week protocol, and programming not templates. I have yet to read it all but rest assured, i will.

Thing is though, its not for me, not right now, where im in my life and training. I need something to consist in my life, not to change between leader and anchor. Iwant to do my PR set and i want to deload every 4th or 7th week depending on my body. And i want to do this for a long period of time, without change. Just hammer the fuck out of it.

Ive always liked the way boring but big template two is built up. But, every time i try it it seems to run me down really bad. So what if i did this instead?

Day 1
Press 531 PR
Bench 5x5 @ fsl
Lat work

Day 2
Squats 531 PR
Dead 5x5 @ fsl

Day 3
Benchpress 531 PR
Press 5x5 @fsl
Lat work

Day 4
Deadlift 531 PR
Squat 5x5@fsl

Also on days i feel superior, adding some dips and curls. Am i a stupid fuck?

Hehehehe Mate I can’t answer if your a stupid fuck - you might have to ask friends and family that one.

As far as your training goes if BBB runs you down then your not going to progress. I’ve run BBB template 2 for nearly 10 months now and have had to deload twice. Its tough and can be boring so motivation sometimes lacks.

I don’t want to speak for Jim but he seems to acknowledge that BBB one or two is a tough program but they are accessories and should be adding to your strength not hindering your progress.

Personally if your big lifts are progressing on the above program go for it mate - if you can handle more then do it - if you need to back off a bit then do it. The main priority on 5/3/1 is to get the big lifts done with solid form and solid progress.

Stay strong brother!!!

If this is what you want to do, do it. it’s your training/body and you are the master of it.