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Thoughts on My 2nd Cycle

I have been planning my 2nd cycle coming up this winter. Have done my research and I think I’m gonna go with test e /winny vs the anavar.
Cycle will look like
Test E 500mg/week 1-12
Winny 50mg/day week 6-12
Arimidex .25 eod week 1-12

Pct nolva 40/40/40/20/20/10 starting week 15
Milk thistle for joint health.(during cycle) Maybe some other natural supplements. Any suggestions?

Why’d you choose Winny over Anavar?

I just hear mixed experiences on anavar. Some people love it, some say it’s very mild with low results…

If 0.25 mg adex did you good on your first cycle, stick with it. But I recall having to go up to 0.5 ED or 1mg EOD on adex before pricing adex over 25mg asin EOD.

You should PCT just fine on 20/20/20/20, but keep an extra 14 tabs on hand if you need to extend.

Milk thistle helps flush your liver, you need that with any oral but it doesn’t help joints. For that glucosamine should help along with fish oil.