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Thoughts on Moving to Wisconsin?


My wife found out yesterday that she has a great job opportunity in the Green Bay area. We've been discussing it and have agreed to definitely look into it. We plan on heading up there to visit either in December or the spring(I have been there, she hasnt). For those who live there or know the area, what are your thoughts on the the state and the Green Bay area itself? Are there good places to live nearby GB for those used to living in rural settings? I appreciate any help.


I'm quite familiar with Wisconsin. Though I haven't lived there, I have relatives there and have visited a lot throughout my life.

Big things off the top of my head...

1.) I hope you're an outdoors person, or a tirelessly indoors person. Summers will be very pleasant, if not somewhat stormy from the great plains that storms build up through. But you will definitely learn to love Lake Michigan... it's a big deal around these parts. Winters are long and hard... very, very brutally cold. Not as much snow as you might think (proportionately speaking, that is,) but it gets goddamn cold. If you're into hunting, snowmobiling, even skiing and snowboarding, you're set. If you detest snow and cold, well... look elsewhere, haha. Springs are pretty sporadic, but falls are extremely awesome.

2.) I think you're a Packers fan, yeah? Good. I remember one Christmas we were over there the church we were supposed to go to for [i]Christmas Eve[/i] mass got post-poned because of a Green Bay playoff game... lol. So much win. It's their world out there, though. I'm a die-hard Cheesehead, and those mo fos put me to shame.

3.) If you like motorcycles it's a great state to live in and VERY friendly for bikes.

4.) There's plenty to do in Green Bay. It may not be a marquee city in the US but it's big enough that you can stay busy. Unless you're really living the rural life, it won't be as big of a deal as you may think. A lot of people farm and stuff as a living, but that's because there's a lot of pasture land and stuff. If you're in or close to the city, you won't probably won't notice a big dropoff unless you're actually from one of Texas' big cities.

Just a few random thoughts.


Wisconsin sucks!!!

sorry I had to.

perfect area for a packers fan like yourself, cause the fans own the team, sort of, right?

Ive never been to GB but I do have some family in the milwaukee area and go up to the lakes in wisconsin. I love it there, Milwaukee is a great city, which isnt near Gb but still. And they seem to have a plethora of lakes in the area to do fishing, boating, weekend get aways etc. I enjoy it when im there.


Green Bay is a big enough city, and Appleton, which is just down the 41, is also quite nice.


Thanks SSC.Thats great to hear. Im extremely an outdoors person. Actually I currently live on my family's 1000 acre ranch(which would be the hardest part of moving). In fact, my family is good friends with a farmer who moved down from Wisconsin. One reason why it attracts me.
Lol. Thats awesome. It will be weird yet nice to be surrounded by Packer fans. I stand out with a GB cap down here.


Lol. Ya it would be a great match. When I went up there, I never went to the water so that will be awesome. And yes the team is own by like 100,000 people. Pretty Crazy


Another question. What is the hunting like there? Are there strict gun and conservation laws? thanks again for the help.


The hunting is amazing way better than TX imo.

WI has the top 13 boone and crockett counties in the nation for whitetails.

Great fishing, grouse hunting, turks, etc.


Oh yeah, you'll love it then. And in response to your other question - hunting is HUGE up there, simply put.

And yes dude, you will be in Packers Mecca. The Badgers are pretty popular but more so closer to Milwaukee. Packers or GTFO basically, hahaha.


Green Bay is a nice, quiet city that lives and dies by football. I think the packers make the front page of the GB Press Gazette every day of the year. The whole city is happy after a win and frustrated after a loss. So now might be a good time to move.

Winters are hard and cold. Driving is VERY necessary. Teach yourself how to drive in the snow right away if you don't already know how. Snowy parking lots and/or frozen lakes work well for learning. Driving in storms is REALLY frustrating, sometimes, because of other drivers. I can't count the number of times I've driven in WI and seem some guy blast past us on the road only to end up in the ditch a few miles up.

Hunting is a HUGE part of the culture. Look at any Packers game and you'll see plenty of blaze orange. Many (most?) people own guns and have been hunting. People love building tree stands, scoping in rifles, target practice, etc. Fishing is huge as well. Outdoor activities are plentiful and fun. Lots of nature "up nort."

I don't know much about farms/whatnot, but there is plenty of farmland all around GB.

The beer is good. Better than Shiners! (although you can get that too, I was surprised to learn recently in a GB metal bar). The meats and cheeses are amazing. The smoked salmon you can get there is to die for.

My wife and I will probably be in GB for awhile at the end of this year. So this is a great thread for me too. I've got lots of family and friends in the area. I haven't lived their for years, but visit regularly. Go Pack Go.


I always enjoy getting a drink here: http://www.titletownbrewing.com/


Oh man, this is a GREAT point. Seriously, this times a billion. I don't know if you're actually FROM Texas, but here in Michigan there is a mantra about winter driving: If a person on the roads' license plate says "Texas," "Florida," or "California," then get around them as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

Haha, I wish I was embellishing but it's the truth. The only thing more frustrating that Gambit mentioned with the whole driving-way-too-fast thing is also the people who drive way too slow. Don't be that guy! :wink:


Ha. Well that is something I have alittle experience in. I worked in Colorado during the winter for a few months and had to drive through the heavy snow. Grant it, it was only like a 2 mile drive but at least I have some experience. Still, I will be a hazard on the road. And my wife....well she is already a hazard on the road lol.


My family made the opposite migration, moved from Wisconsin to Texas. I love it here and would never go back, it's too damn cold in the winter and driving in snow, shoveling snow and snow in general just sucks. It's virtually impossible to buy a used car that doesn't have some sort of rust.

But I will say the hunting is much better up north. The deer are bigger and there are more of them. A lease is more expensive there, but the public hunting land is just as good as some of the cheaper leases in Texas. The beer is also really good. I love Shiner, but my brother sells alcohol in the Dells area and always has some local stuff when we visit. Leinenkugel, Lake Louie and Spotted Cow are some you need to try. I've seen some Leinenkugel down here, but it's always the bullshit wheat stuff that nobody in Wisconsin wants so they ship it here.


This!!! Damn good beer for the occasional time I do choose to indulge. Dells is solid, too.