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Thoughts on MK-677 Year-Round Use?

Just wanted to get some opinions on using MK year round. I have been taking a small dose of 10mg daily before sleeping mainly for the injury related benefits and I have to say this shit has been amazing. I have been taking it for the past 6 months both during a blast and during a cruise (same mg). I used to have some significant shoulder pain with heavy lifting that was a result of a bad car accident back in college. Nothing else had helped at all but as soon as I hopped on MK I had an immediate benefit. My question is around any possible health risks from staying on this shit year round? Any others taking this daily at the moment experiencing the same type of benefits?

As always, much appreciated gentlemen!

The few studies done with it were like 3, 6, and 8 months. So it’s not strange to use it for a full year. I think you’d ideally take some time off and then start up again, kind of like how guys use GH for non-therapeutic purposes. Aside from the cost I don’t see any real downside.

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downside is insulin resistance. tread carefully

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Thanks yup!

I just started about 10 days about at 12.5 mg a day. The liquid stuff tastes like ass. I plan on using it for a year as of right now.

The downside is insulin resistance, which also occurs with GH. I would guess that at 10 mg/day you are not going to run into issues, but you could do an insulin sensitivity test.

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My other concern for running it for a long period of time would be organomegaly. Large heart. Liver. Etc

I am not sure if MK-677 is going to get your GH and IGF-1 up enough for that to happen? I think that requires high dosage GH use, but could be wrong.

The YouTube channel moreplatesmoredates did an interesting opinion piece on this a couple of weeks back

For the algorithm.

If it strong enough to cause skeletal muscle hypertrophy. Why not myocardial hypertrophy? It’s not selective or is it?

It has been shown through research that the muscle gains from it are minimal. In one study I read on it, they gained about 1 kg of lean tissue in 6 months.

It can help with recovery, but won’t do what aas will.

I’m looking at MK-677 as well with the idea of perhaps getting on it long term. My doctor seems generally in favor and sent me a NIH study* done over 24 months. The participants were old but, then, so am I!

I’ll admit I’m not qualified to really assess that study properly but I think it suggests gains were minimal in terms of function and strength but bone density and mass was kept. That makes you look good and objectively slows aging. Some TRT on top of that and I’m thinking probably not a bad outcome for me turning 50 this year. If it also aids recovery and maybe eases my tendinitis, all the better.

My doctor dismissed concerns around insulin resistance (unless you already some challenges in that area) but suggested supplementing with berberine if it was going to prey on my mind.

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