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Thoughts on MicroLactin?


As a FFB I have mild joint problems and a slow muscle recovery rate. Someone at the gym recommending taking MicroLactin. I've done a bit research online and it's supposedly a good supplement for improving joint function and decreasing the effects of DOMS, which is just what I need.

Has anyone out there tried this stuff before? I'd really like to get a T-Nation perspective on the usefulness of MicroLactin. The search fuction came up empty.


I used a supplement called ETS with ZMA and Microlactin. Combined with Glucosamine chondoriton, I noticed huge joint relief at a time when they were really acting up.


Are you still taking it now? Would you recommend taking it just for the added bonus of a faster recovery?


I'm not currently taking it. But it is supposed to have recovery benefits beyond joint health. Hard for me to determine if I noticed them personally. But I did experience joint relief during flare-ups and almost immediately.