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Thoughts on Metformin?

What are your thoughts on Metformin for the natural health conscious individual?

Would you recommend an age requirement when supplementing with it?

Where’d you get that metformin is a supplement?

I know it is prescription. I mean supplementing an already good lifestyle for health/longevity.

Inhibits mTOR and activates AMPK

@physioLojik had a good thread about it and its benefits… Search for it

I just listened to the Joe Rogan / Ben Greenfield episode (I believe it’s the episode directly after the one you posted) where Ben refutes that anti-aging guy and talks about why you shouldn’t take metformin and yeah it can expand the amount of time you are on earth but at a quality of life cost. What I got out of it was that it isn’t ideal for an athlete or someone that lifts.

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