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Thoughts on Ment?

Someone want to enlighten me about Ment (Trestolone Acetate ). From what I’ve read its a 19-nor derivative but it doesn’t cause all the prolactin issues that are associated with Tren and Deca and on top of that its incapable of binding to 5alpha-reductase and thus cannot convert to DHT? Is that correct?

Seems like I recall reading that Ment is one of those compounds that looked good on paper but underperformed real world. But I could be thinking of something else.

Ment (7 alpha methyl 19 nortestosterone) is something you shouldn’t take (I reiterate… Don’t take this stuff), it’s a ridiculously powerful compound that 99.999% of gym goers have NO business ever touching. It’s nandrolone with the addition of it being methylated at c7a position. The only reason to use it (which is now no longer really valid) is the fact that it was once sold OTC (still sold on eBay here in Aus in transdermal form). It’s exceedingly powerful and potent

Issues from tren and deca typically aren’t from prolactin… Unless you start lactating… ED from Deca, Tren and other 19-nors usually stem from imbalances created with regard to neurotransmitters. The fact that people just pop caber and prami for supposed “prolactin issues” irritates me, as it just sets up the potential for further problems down the line and if prolactin isn’t the root cause of the issues (which it usually isn’t) then it’s just unessecary drug use

Rant overz

Oh and tren is also incapable of binding to 5ar. Nand converts to DHN (dihydronandrolone) through 5ar

MENT is one of those compounds that seems like a nightmare to control. It’s like a Rottweiler trained by a bunch of monkeys on acid to fight toddlers at an Ayn Rand themed daycare center. You hear stories of guys blowing up 25+lbs in a matter of weeks because they couldn’t control their e2. You hear about guys whose libido gets so high that they genuinely cannot focus on normal life stuff because they’re always horny. You hear other guys who have zero issues with it. There is almost nothing about it that seems remotely new or novel. Want huge strength? Anadrol will do that. Want to have uncontrollable gyno? Nandrolone and high dose dbol can give you that at a lower cost. You can add “size” with a lot of drugs. I’m not convinced that MENT can add actual muscle any faster than dbol or anadrol. The whole conceit of MENT is that it can be run as an injectable for longer cycles…kind of like nandrolone. I just don’t see how it fits. It appears to be just another big, watery choice. I’m sure some guys will get good results, but I don’t see how it makes sense when you have many other options with more actual data available.

Is there any blood test to determine if DHN (Dihydronandrolone) is elevated or is it one of those things that is only active on an intercellular basis?

No commercial blood test to detect concentration of DHN, it’s theoretically possible, however there’s never been a medicinal need to thus you won’t find a way (with ease that is)

Thanks for the reply man. Is there any known way to control/lower DHN?

It seems as though proviron or other DHT derivatives may work through competitive displacement. I’ve also read finasteride should lower the synthesis of DHN via 5a-reductase suppression, but that seems like it would open up a whole new host of problems (lowered DHT especially) and miss the point of lowering DHN in the first place.


Finasteride/dutastride and a DHT derivative?

Maybe also look into high dosage of stinging nettle?

Why are you looking to counteract/block DHN. DHN isn’t what’s particularly responsible for ED induced by nandrolone (well we don’t know, metabolites of DHN may have ED inducing properties in regard to neurological effects).

The displacement theory is bullshit, complete androgen receptor saturation would have to occur for DHN to occupy all space within the binding sites of androgen receptors in order for this to occur, the dose required for complete saturation (if there is one) would be absolutely phenomenal. Libido altering effects from nandrolone are multi-faceted but primarily stem from neurological effects (regarding dopamine and serotonin depletion) hence why cabergoline (dopamine agonist) tends to help with nandrolone induced ED and mental health related issues.

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I’m curious not so much about total androgen receptor saturation of the body, but preferential saturation in specific tissues/organs, notably in this interest the prostate, as it can cause issues of erectile quality.

What’s your thoughts about specific sites binding affinity?

specific sites high in 5a reductase enzyme may have a higher sensitivity to the effects of certain androgens (hair follicles to DHT etc) however erectile function is induced via

  • hormonal/neurological pathways pathways (NO production/vasodialation, neurotransmitter balance)
  • nitric oxide production

While penile tissue, seminal vesicles etc have high concentrations of 5AR, it isn’t going to matter. What matters in regard to you’re ability too achieve and maintain an erection will be neurological balance, NO production and response to vasodialation (certain AAS, specifically nandrolone) can impair vasodialative responses induced from many variables, esp exercise. Whether this contributes to erectile function I’m unsure, however excess impairment of vasodialation (and vasoconstriction in general) can lead to ED, hence why many individuals (older men primarily) with ED tend to have CVD, as ED is merely a manifesting symptom of a lack of bloodflow (arterial plaque=impaired vasodialation)

Bro, you should write a book on anabolics. Would buy.

I am an anabolic steroid
#identifiy as a bottle of tren

I might when I’m older (and qualified with degrees and whatnot) at the moment I’m merely too young and don’t feel comfortable at all with people taking advice from me as I’d feel immensely guilty if repercussions were to ensue due to my advice.


Do you know anyone good resources to read about those nuerological pathways? Something that has some synthesis and explains the mechanics of it all? As it stands I’m bouncing from wikipedia article to wikipedia article, there’s a lot of info but there’s no way to make sense of it all.

Yea, scientific literature demonstrates an effect of nandrolone on dopamine receptor density and output, some studies demonstrate serotonin depletion, GABA dysfunction etc.

How the hell do you guys keep all this stuff straight? So many frickin’ chemicals with some many abbreviation and measurements…this is why I can not do steroids. I’d give myself tits or a heart attack or something from not remembering the right stuff.

if you have tits, the upside is you can play with them, don’t need a GF to get to second base anymore


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lol…I much prefer them being on a different person haha. That’s the fun part!

I just spit my coffee over someone on the train

That’s actually how Research often is. You jump from scientific paper to scientific paper. If you want to read a book look at physiology or pharmacology books. Go to a university library in your city and ask which books are used by students then buy them. They are expensive though.