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Thoughts on Meal Frequency?


So I’ve been eating something that looks like this for awhile now:

5:00 am
2 piece whole grain toast
2 eggs
1 banana

PWO shake

10:45/11:00 am
2 cups jasmine rice
6oz chicken breast
Fistful of steamed spinach

Quest bar

160g sweet potato
6oz chicken breast
Steamed broccoli and carrots

Casein shake (Flaxseed, 1/2cup blueberries, cinnamon, almond milk 2tbsp pb)

small salad (romaine, spinach, carrot, 1/4 cup chickpea, 1tbsp evoo).

I’m pretty lean but not vascular anymore. I’ve read several TC articles promoting less meals spaced further apart. His rationale was increased insulin sensitivity, better body comp, and feeling overall much better. I know we always tend to advise others “just do what works for you”, but what are you guys thoughts on this? I’m thinking of trying TC’s way out.




What I posted in a similar thread recently (I’m actually eating around 500-1000 more cals now as not re-comping) :

5.am - 1g of A Carnitine, 1g HMB, 2-3 strong coffees
5.30.am - cardio 45 mins

8.am - 1.g HMB

3.g Leucine
40 - 50g protein, same carbs
15-20.g fats
Around 500 - 600 cals

5.g Creatine
1.g HMB
6.g Citruline M
1.g A Carnitine

4.30.pm - 5.30.pm

3.g Leuicine, electrolyte mix (15g)

100 -120.g protein
200 - 300g carbs (depending on workout volume)
20-30.g fat
Around 1500 - 2000 cals

Total around 2000 - 2500 cals a day


Wheres the beef!!??


It really depends on what you prefer. Currently I am contest prepping, I’ve always eaten 6 meals a day. This year, I switched it to 5 meals a day, because I can now make bigger meals, feel more satisfied/satiated, and actually less hungry between meals. It also depends on how long you’re awake. Your meal plan looks great in terms of timing, and I don’t think you’d notice a change in your physique going from 6 meals down to 5, it would really just depend if you feel better doing it. It will not play a role in your leanness or vascularity at all. Vascularity is largely genetic, some guys are vascular all year even if they’ve got a good amount of fat to lose. If you want to appear more vascular, you’ll have to get leaner, but again meal frequency isn’t going to affect that.


As my mom has said numerous times, eating six times a day is “a sentence”. The idea alone makes me nervous. Lol.


LOl, for me around 50.g fats with higher carbs works a treat - I train Muay Thai and weights/conditioning, ofter 2 sessions a day.

50.g may seem low to some, but is enough for optimal hormonal health for me, and allows more carbs while in a negative calorie balance, while still keeping performance levels up. I’m currently closer to 80-100.g fats per day as I’m gradually adding cals and believe that once your at your carb ‘limit’ in regards to how much you can consume without getting fat, adding good fats is better then ramping up protein to silly levels (if not on gear). Another reason is that fats are easier to consume (oils, nuts etc), and when your eating 2 meals a day volume can be an issue with excessive protein

I’m 180lbs with visible abs. Couldn’t give a shit what my bf level is in regards to a percentage, just like to be pretty lean and perform well at the particular weight I’m at.

Moog ;0)


Thanks for the feedback! The day I posted this I tried lowering my meal frequency to 4 meals. I ate the same amount just grouped differently. I was ravenous all day and the next morning my workout suffered tremendously. As you said it depends on what you prefer, and I think I’ve found my answer!


Just as a caution, 1 day isn’t exactly giving it the old college try. Your body will adapt to a million different ways of eating, just not overnight. Dropping 1 meal a day with the same amount of food and you fall apart probably means there was largely some mental stuff going on. If you really wanted to try to get over the mental hurdles, you can try decreasing the size of a meal while increasing the others before you actually eliminate one.

In my experience it can be difficult to get over the idea that you are going to lose all your muscle if you don’t eat for more than 2 hours. However, your body will adjust, you won’t lose your gainz, and freedom for constant food intake is a glorious thing.


For me I like to have a large breakfast around 8am, a large lunch around 1ish, maybes a snack around 3 if Im hungry, a pre workout meal around 6 (an hour or so before I train), my intra workout protein and carbs and then a final meal once I get home.

Generally this is how my day is set out but I could eat another meal between breakfast and lunch and just take the extra calories out of either meal. My non training days are slightly lower in calories which I tend to save for a nice big evening meal with the Mrs ( tend to not train over the weekend due to poor opening times and work).

I don’t think meal frequency plays a huge part in training results as long as the caloric total is adhered to.