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Thoughts on Lu Raises (Plate Lateral Raises)?


@PC do you ever do these?


Yah I’ve done those. I like em a lot.


Cause traps!


Mike Israetel actually recommends taking the lateral raise higher than what most people recommend but when the hands reach shoulder height, shrug up to prevent shoulder impingement. This is similar to Lu raises and I agree with Paul, they are awesome. I did them this morning as triple set:

A1. Heavy partial laterals x 8-10
A2. “Normal” lateral raise (medium weight) x 8
A3. Lu raises (lighter weight) x 8


Great idea the impingement at the top is something i noticed too. Ty.


I noticed shoulder issues with classic front raises but no issues with the victory or full front raise.


I tried them and quickly realised I need smaller plates! Great exercise though! Lot of respect for Chinese lifters. Many raised on inferior diets but still achieve so much.