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Thoughts on Lower Body?

I’ve got pretty big glutes, and they absolutely refuse to shrink even a tiny bit. So I’ve been going for the next best thing, which is to balance out my physique via thighs/back/etc. Upper body is slow coming, but I’m very happy with the direction my thighs have taken (even though it’s making my ass even bigger, haha)

Thoughts? Would you say my lower body looks decently “balanced”?

You could make a lot of Instagram girls very envious


Pic is horrible so if you’re not a troll: don’t complain. Girs love nice asses, and they are great for lower body power.


If I were trolling, here is the last place I’d do it

It’s just at that angle cause I wanted to remove something personally identifying from the image. And my laptop camera has the quality of a potato

But thanks, though I can’t say that’s been my experience, girls love to comment on it but I don’t think they’re into it generally. I constantly get told it’s too big

I’d rather get told my butt is too big than my love handles. See it as a victory.


Maybe bring up your quads and hamstrings… that might help.


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This. I’m so surprised how many guys don’t know how many women are absolute fiends for a nice guy butt. My wife cannot walk by me without slapping my ass.


Been trying to do that, that’s why I made the post actually

I don’t have a great before photo, but would you say you notice an improvement over the below image? In terms of legs

Since this seems to matter to you I recommend starting to take good pictures now, multiple angles, maybe once every other week and using a measuring tape to evaluate your progress in a subjective and objective way regardless if you continue sharing or not.

In this day and age where do u find a potato to take a picture with?

But for srs: Does it get any better if you try playing around with posture emphasising posterior pelvic tilt. So like tail bone tucked down and forward. You are literally hitting the butt emphasising poses that insta fit chicks hit in these picks so u probably should stop that if u are concerned.

Maybe do a lot of ham curl variations. I fear with ur phat ass deadlifting/hip hinging and squat patterns might just buff up ur butt.

Laptop camera lmao

And huh, didn’t really think about posture. Obviously I’m not trying to walk around like an insta chick all the time, but if I have APT it could be some (or even most?) of the reason it attracts so much fucking attention from people


Tried to stand naturally, does this look like APT?

I don’t get what the pictures are even doing at this point, dude. Yes, your butt pokes out. Just deal with it, it’s not a big deal. You should also, in addition to adding some mass to your hamstrings, focus on adding some thickness to your back. Besides that, there’s literally nothing you’re going to solve by repeatedly posting pictures of your ass here.


This is literally exactly what’s happening, I’m glute dominant so I can’t really work legs without inadvertently activating them. Since I started my leg routine, my glutes have probably grown about as much as thighs have. i guess it’s worth it for now, but I’ll definitely rethink things when my pants stop fitting haha

Man relax, no need to get short w me.

I find it really fuckin hard to see myself objectively. People kept mentioning how shit the picture quality was and I literally just wanted to know if my posture could use fixing

I get it pokes out. I’m not posing like an insta chick for praise or whatever, if I wanted that I’d literally post to insta. Just wanted some advice, man

Does not look like APT, at least not a crazy amount. While not a perfect heuristic, the angle of the underwear can be a clue.

Well that’s a disappointment and a half! Got hopeful for a second there

I’m also just some bored guy on the Internet, get a physio to evaluate?

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I genuinely did not think you’re trying to insta-butt us. Just letting you know that even if you were poking it out a bit one could tell from the first picture that you just have a big ass. If you want some advice, do seated hamstring curls, and sit forward to get an additional stretch. Lying ham curls can still target the glutes a bit. Seated ones will get you a better stretch and in theory not let you get a full glute contraction, even if it’s inadvertent.

Lower back is a bit harder to hit without getting some glute stuff in, but something like zercher Seated good mornings might help.

Besides that, my main point was, trust me, if girls are commenting on it it’s because they like it. If you think them saying one thing about it means that that’s what they think, you may be mistaken. I have a big butt, probably the same as yours if my back and hams were smaller. It’s better than having a pancake ass. Find a girl who fiends for it.

Thanks for the tips, will give em a shot.

And I’m not sure I believe you there — ever since my ass ballooned out of the blue I’ve never even seen a dude with glutes as big as mine.

And honestly girls are the least of my issues. My guy friends tease me about it every goddamn chance they get. Pants are a living nightmare, especially because I’m 6’4” (the few I manage to find look painted on). And navigating crowds without it knocking into someone can be… difficult

It’s got its moments and I’m glad I don’t have a pancake ass, but I can’t help but be embarrassed about it a lot of the time. It feels like it has a mind of its own haha