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Thoughts on Long-Term Cortisol Control

I’m on an SNRI (Effexor), and if my understanding is correct (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!), antidepressants greatly boost cortisol levels. It seems to be the case, as I can easily take 4 Lean Xtreme capsules per day with no joint issues or ill-effects whatsoever.
The product seems to work really well for me; I feel as though I’ve had difficulty building lean mass and holding fat in my mid-section while on Effexor, and Lean Xtreme seems to completely negate that (I’ve been seeing some solid “re-comp” results); however, I know you’re supposed to cycle it. I’ve been going through two bottles (takes 1.5-2 months), and then taking a month off.

What is the general consensus on staying on something like Lean Xtreme longer term, say 6 months at a time with a month or two break? Or, could I use something like Phosphaditylserine during my off periods of Lean Xtreme?
Obviously I’m not trying to screw up my hormones here, but I’m wondering, if the Effexor is in fact boosting cortisol levels, would bringing them down to normal even affect my hormones?

Any input is appreciated,

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Thanks for the reply.
So would taking Phosphatditylserine between cycles of Lean Xtreme be a good idea to control cortisol, or should you cycle off of cortisol control supplements completely?