Thoughts on lipids?

Are we seeing a 4 month comparison here? The only old value listed is Triglycerides, which dropped quite well. Do you have the other old values?

No, this isn’t a 4 month comparison. Vince over at EM said it looks like I’m converting excessive protein to glucose.

I only consume one scoop of whey protein, any more and I feel punch drunk or mentally high all day.

This is what happens when your protein intake is in excess of what your body needs/can use. It’s called Gluconeogenisis. It does require additional energy to convert the protein to glucose, so if weight loss is your goal, choosing protein over carbs is advantageous, even though the excess is ending up as glucose. It’s a less efficient process - think of it as energy expensive glucose.

It’s not uncommon for total cholesterol and LDL levels to increase when following the carnivore diet. This is especially true if you’re leaning heavily on fatty cuts of meat.


So the high LDL and high total cholesterol is the telltale sign of too much protein?

I mostly eat Tri-tip and ribeye steaks.

Yes, in part. Your body is making and dumping glucose into your blood stream because you aren’t ingesting carbs. This in combination with high fat meat choices results in elevated blood lipids. I would suggest choosing lean proteins more often if you plan to stay carnivore. Also, while carnivore is great for some, it’s not the right fit for everyone.