Thoughts on Lion's Mane? Possible Hair Loss?

Anyone here try or use Lions mane. I feel much more cognitive clarity after a month of using it. Only downside… I heard it can cause BDNF-induced hair loss, which is completely unrelated to DHT. Anyone have experience with Lion’s Mane? If so how do you like it and have you experienced any hair loss?

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It is possible. I think it is unlikely though, and that the amount of this supplement (I think it is some sort of mushroom), you would have to take is probably more than most would ever take.

I would wager a lot of people reporting this side effect are men that are experiencing regular male pattern baldness, but attributing it to the supplement they are taking. How often do women ever report this side effect from the supplement?

Lion’s mane appears to have a 5-AR inhibitor effect. That should improve one’s hair. Many men shed hair for several months when starting out on finasteride (or dutasteride) which is a 5-AR inhibitor (likely a lot stronger one than Lion’s mane). After the shed, the hairs come back thicker and healthier. It is a well documented effect of 5-AR inhibitors. It seems plausible to me that some of the guys reporting hair loss are going through a shed from the 5-AR inhibition. Keep in mind a shed isn’t long term hair loss though.


good point. didnty know 5ARs caused initial shedding like Minoxidil

I mean you would think that Lion’s ‘Mane’ would increase hair growth

I have used Lion’s Mane and researched it. I became interested in it for its Neuron Growth Factor when I had a nerve injury, and then became further intrigued by studies on cognition. I also did research on other medicinal mushrooms like Reishi and Cordyceps.

Lion’s Mane did not work well for me. A side effect some have (and myself) is a feeling of “blah” after a few weeks of use. Loss of libido and just a general disinterest and apathy. I’ve even tried a few brands and always get to this place. It’s reversible and I’ll snap back to normal after a couple weeks of discontinuing it.

I don’t know of the hair loss, and I’ve shaved my head bald for 10 years so I’d not be the person to ask about this.

What other nootropics have you used for bdnf ngf? Did the apathy go away after cessation?

Apathy went away after cessation. I return to baseline after 1-2 weeks.

I have only used LM’s for ngf, but do use Reishi, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail as supplements.

Has more to do with its appearance.

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