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Thoughts On Lifting Gloves


What are your thoughts on them? my net trainer advised me against using them...but lately my hands hurt so much they give out quickly during my lifts. the calluses really interfere with my lifting, but i'm not sure if i should continue listening to my net trainer or go ahead and use gloves..


Search will be your only friend here if you keep asking questions like that.


gloves are for people who cant handle any pain. are u knew to weight lifting bc my first 4 months killed my hands and now only back days.
i have 3 rips for each finger i think it looks gangsta but to be honest donst impress the ladies to much since your hands are rough.


Best advice anyone will give you--- Chalk up and shut up!


buddy just try the gloves and find out for yourself. ya got nothing to lose and taday's climate is particularly dork friendly what with napolean dynamite and all. why just yesterday i was snatchin'in moon boots. so my advice would be to work on your gatorade swig first. once you got that down add in the gloves and you'll be able to pull it off.


I wear gloves so I don't scare away my girlfriend; I have ripping callouses enough with my gloves, mostly from heavy weighted chins.


I learned a trick on another site that a lot of strongman competitors do. It sounds feminine, but they buy a pumice stone like chicks use for their feet. This smooths out the callouses on your hand, and makes it more difficult to rip them next time.


I don't give a shit what I look like at the gym. I'm sure I get enough weird looks actually doing dead lifts (to this day, after 3 years of training, I have not seen one other person do them.) and weighted dips. I always wear gloves to keep my hands from looking like shit. The whole reason I body build is so i wont look like shit, why would I want my hands to be all calloused?


Gloves? i got them when i first started lifting weights and they kept me from really being able to grip the weights. Im not sure if this is for all gloves but it is for the ones i had. I prefer the calluses and the more " organic " feel to lifting weights as opposed to using the gloves.

A much more important topic : how can i get a hot sexy chick to spot ?


I when i train at non-commerical gyms will use chalk for Deadlifts, hack squats and trap bar deadlifts....But lately ive been training at commerical gyms and i always wear gloves when im doing any exercise, and there is nothing wrong with my grip strength, i wear them because of all the other low level society members sweeting all over the dummbells and bars that i wanna use.

And i dont wanna wash my hands everytime i wanna change exercises.

So yeah I cant handle any pain, like that time i did 120kgs squats 25 times that wasnt pain.

yeah im new to weight training just 7 years under my belt...


Ask her.


No gloves, you'll get used to it, my wife likes the feel of my hands she says they feel strong...


I don't like 'em. On some lifts I feel like they artificially support your grip and on some I feel like they make it worse. For example, my tire for flipping is nasty-ass-filthy and gets your hands filthy when you touch it. So my buddy tries to wear gloves to flip it. Now, mind you, he's not a big guy and his hand strength is nothing to write home about, but normally he can at least flip the damn thing. Not with gloves, couldn't even budge it.. No traction... Now, on something like a rack pull, I feel like the bar "bites" into the gloves and helps your grip. I might be wrong, as it's been months since I've worn gloves to lift.

Here's a thread about rips:


I use the pumice stone to keep 'em worked down. You want them thick, but not bumpy with sharp ridges, that's how you rip 'em off.

Also, I would only use the pumice stone and then some kind of lotion AFTER your work out, like maybe before you go to sleep.

Hope that helps.


Swivel - I think you should be banned from T-Nation for at least 1 month after posting hate speech like this. How dare you impune the greatest movie ever made as "dork friendly".

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As for the gloves - You gotto do what works for you. The last thing you should be doing is looking around to see if wearing them is cool or not. Do they help your lifts? Do you want your hands to look silky smooth and feel baby soft?
Then use them.

Do you like the feel of chalk? Do you want rough, manly, anti-estrogenic paws? Then don't use them.


Lifting gloves are for girls or pansies. The question you must ask yourself is, do you have a vagina and boobs.


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i apologize i should've used the search button.

i am actually a girl...i've only started lifting heavy 4 months ago. i don't care for getting rough hands from lifting. it's only recently that my hands hurt so bad during my deadlift pulls that i miss the lift even though i know i can pull heavier.

my net trainer told me that gloves interfere with the nerve signals sent from special pressure sensors in your hands to the spinal cord and the rest of your muscles. i am starting to question how credible this is.


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