Thoughts on Late Kickstart?

Hey guys, I was wating for my tbol, eq, proviron cycle to come but its taking forever due to east coast weather. Its now gonna be something I have put up which is cool…nice to have shit on deck…
That being said I started a test cycle im on week two…test e 300mg every 3days, adex .25 every 3 days. Simple enough but I have a dbol kickstart put up 25mg per day for 4 weeks. So what are your thoughts, advantages/disadvantages to starting the dbol at week 3-7 instead of 1-4?
It seemed like when I ran this cycle in December after finishing the 4 weeks of dbol I dropped energy and strength dramatically until the test started really kicking in at basically 6, 7th week.
So my thought is I could avoid that “period” of downtime so to speak, also it could still happen.
One last thing, what and what amount should I take of whatever to try and counter the painful pumps!!!

*On a side note, when that other stuff arrives I will be throwing the proviron in as well. Seems like a no brainer. I love proviron.

You could end the cycle with an oral, which is what @iron_yuppie suggested…

yeah I feel him on that post, if one where only using one oral on cycle…its summer time, im finishing with winny like a responsible idiot haha

I feel like I should have mentioned that, however…

so would this also work for something like anavar?

No idea, I’ve never used orals. I was just linking to the original post.

Absolutely. It works with every oral.

In that case I’d space them out as far as you can. You want to give your liver as much of a break as you can. What’s the planned dose for the winstrol?

50mg a day for 4 weeks

ill be okay even with the shortened space… first time I took dbol I took 40mg a day for 5 weeks…it was too much but I survived so this 25 mg for 4 weeks I think is perfect for me.

I never used winny before, but this was supposed to be my summer cycle so nobodys god is stopping me. lol. my test, eq, turinabol, proviron is currently stuck in ISC. so…I said fuck it and ran this stuff, you cant start a 16 week summer eq cycle in july lol. im just worried about the pumps and shit from dbol cuz I labor. so I went and bought potassium, magnesium, taurine, mens pro formula, b12 and some other shit

It sounds like you’re taking all the right precautions and I’m sure it’ll work out fine. And it sucks when a pack is laid up like that. But I agree that starting already made sense. You have the test and the dbol, and if your pack takes two weeks longer than you expected you’re still going to have a solid cycle going already.

Keep us updated. I’m curious how the winstrol treats you. It’s on my list to try but the joint pain is a barrier for me. But it seems mighty tempting.

day 3 of dbol……I forgot how much I love this stuff…ill update this thing with the addition of the winny at the end…im reading up on it and watching you tube videos n all that…im worried about the joint pain myself since im no spring chicken so just like the dbol pumps im looking for mitigational techniques. Mitigational techniques lol.

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When I started TRT my jacked as hell friend who I’m not sure how he is still alive convinced me I should take 50mgs/day winstrol for 6 weeks as a “Kickstart” since the 220mg/week of test will take about 6 weeks to kick in (started both at the same time). Anyway, I must admit I got ripped as hell with striations in places I hadn’t seen before and the pumps were amazing. The drawback was the shoulder pain was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I wasn’t aware of the joint pain associated with winstrol at the time. My strength went up unbelievably in every workout and I kept every bit of it after I was done. Once the winstrol wore off and the test kicked in I gained like 15 lbs water weight in the matter of a few weeks. I would do winstrol again in a heartbeat especially now that I know what to expect and can make better use of it. Also, I got bloods done 6 months later and all lipids were fine. I wish I would have checked right after just to see but I wasn’t as knowledgeable then.

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First time I took dbol like you took Winstrol is it kickstart… Then when I was finished with the d-bal and my liver was safe once again I got completely wasted for two straight days all that water came off of me I was pretty pleased with myself, ashamed, but pleased