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Thoughts on Larry Gilmore

Dr. Darden – I know that you have mentioned Larry on this board before - so I will assume that you know him (he passed away some years ago).

He and I were very good friends for many years - and still would be if he was around. He lived and worked in DeLand, Florida for the telephone company – and was an avid power lifter & bodybuilder. He had a gym on his property when he lived in Daytona Park Estates in DeLand - and quite a few of us worked out there. Pretty big collection of barbells, dumbbells, Airdyne exercise bikes and weight machines (mostly all Nautilus and a Universal machine).

Dr. D, were you ever at his gym that I am talking about? I know that he had several other famous bodybuilders there from time to time - including Arnold and Franco. Please let us know if you had any interactions with him; I would love to read about them.

He was a great guy and I really miss him. We had many very interesting conversations. I think that his widow still lives in the area.

Jesse Lee

Yes, I knew Larry Gilmore well. I visited him many times in his gym located on his property. In fact, Chris Lund and I took a lot of pictures of Scott Wilson training in Larry’s Gym. They were published in my book, Super High-Intensity Bodybuilding. Also, we took a few pictures of Mike Quinn, which were in Massive Muscles in 10 Weeks.

Larry was a terrific guy.

Thanks for the reply and the info. I remember Larry being at the DHS quonset hut training too.

You probably remember when he and his wife Shirley sold the lakefront property and moved to a local apartment complex. Another friend of mine, Walter Anderson, bought all the property - including the house and gym. Walt tried to keep the gym going - but it didn’t flourish and, for whatever reason, he sold the property to some guy from south Florida.

Did you know Walt and his brothers Dennis & Wayne? All the brothers were VERY strong - and their sister was dang strong too. Walt worked for Nautilus as a product distribution truck driver for a while.

Jesse Lee

I knew Walt and Dennis, but not Wayne. About a year ago, Walt helped me move my Nautilus equipment into my new home.

I did not know that Walt purchased Larry’s property and gym.

Wayne was the oldest of the Anderson brothers – and from what I have been told, much the strongest; he must have been amazingly strong because Walt & Dennis were definitely VERY strong.

Below is a picture of Larry and Sergio (Sr.) that I found on the 'net. You probably will recognize it.


That picture’s on page 210 of “The New Bodybuilding for Old School Results”.
Also a whole page of “Larry Gilmore Remembers” on page 129 with a picture
of him, Arnold and Franco.


Did you know Larry?

Jesse Lee

I have met Larry many times. Like El said, one terrific guy.

I remember his gym being in his screened(?) porch.
Regardless, he had a great selection of Nautilus machines. He even had the original triceps push down machine. I took a lot of fotos of his gym and Larry even lent me, let me take them home to make copies of them. El, this was the trip when I visited you in your new house. Good times.

I didn’t know him. But did meet him once on my very first visit to Deland.
Seemed like a very nice fellow.