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Thoughts on Labs

Long time lurker first time poster.
Just looking for thoughts on my labs, the scales are a bit different than I’m used to, I think I expected numbers a bit higher. I’m 42 6’3 195lbs and on trt for about a year, feel great but a bit more gains at the gym would be nice…I’m a hard gainer. Taking 120mg every 7 days. My blood was drawn on the morning my next shot is due. So seven days from my last.
Total 532 (300-890)
Free 148 (47-244)
SHBG 19 (15-95)
Free test% 2.8 (.9-3.3)

I was thinking about increasing a bit but don’t want bad sides. But I got thinking what my total would have been on the middle of the week. As you can see I’m in my own head. Haha!

I’d appreciate any thoughts on these levels.

I went from 120/week to 150 About 3 weeks ago. My libido skyrocketed further than I thought possible. I feel better in a lot of ways on 150mg. I have been having a pretty hard last couple weeks though, but I think it’s due to much higher levels of stress than normal. When I’m not stressed, things are awesome. I’m really hoping the higher dose isn’t what’s causing the high stress levels. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on in my life right now.

Your levels might not be high enough throughout the entire week to get the maximum benefits of TRT. Your tough levels would be higher if you were injecting your doses twice weekly.

The side effects can be managed by injecting smaller doses more frequently.

I’ve been worried about acne. I sooM to be prone to it. When I bumped up to 1cc every 5 days on bad bro science advice from a friend I broke out bad on my arms. Maybe I’ll go up to 120 to 150 and keep my eye out for a breakout. I’m just gun shy now. lol. Doesn’t seem like much but maybe it’ll help!.

SHBG. I’m not totally clear if that a number that’s good to be low. I need to read more on here

I wasn’t thinking about every 5 day injections, I’m talking about more frequency, something like daily or EOD. My moto is go big or go home or in this case go smaller or go home.

If you want a dramatic change, sometimes what needed is large moves. When I went from once weekly to daily, I mean holysh*t.

Having low SHBG means free hormones are going to be higher at a lower total testosterone, so if you’re prone to acne, large infrequent injections will turn you into a pepperoni pizza.

Spend enough time on these forums and you’ll see most of the time low SHBG men on daily injections doing very well. High SHBG is 50-60, midrange 30, yours is low.

Gotcha!! Thanks for the advice. Maybe to start at least go twice a week.
I’ll definitely read more on here. It seems the more frequent less e2 and DHT spikes from what I’m reading…hence less sides.

Thanks again.

Then you will need to increase your levels. You have room to do so. I understand your concern with acne. You have many options, of course. Very few guys injecting once weekly are only taking 120mg. Most at 200mg and they are fine regardless of SHBG levels, if they even know them. I’d say the most reasonable options are going to 150mg once a week or trying 60mg twice weekly.

Exactly, I had acne on 50mg twice weekly that only cleared up moving to an 20-25mg EOD protocol. The injections were half as big and estrogen and I imagine DHT conversion had to be less. Don’t give up if you do encounter acne, it just means you will likely need less T to get similar levels to other protocols because hormone levels are more steady and therefore need less T.

When I went from an EOD protocol to a daily protocol my total weekly dosage decreased by 31mg (80->49mg) or more and I was getting similar levels.

If I were you, rather than increase the dose you’d probably be better off just splitting up the 120mg shot into two 60mg shots per week. You have low SHBG, so you don’t want too much Estradiol conversion from high dose Test shots. You should get your E2 checked.

Thanks for all the input.

So instead of doing 120ml every 7 days I’m gonna start pinning twice a week at 60 and see how that goes, re-evaluate in 4 weeks.
So with that said do you think there is a chance my DHT/E2 will actually go up and break out again or is that just very unlikely because the dose is actually the same? I feel like taking less than that is going backwards.
Seems some peoples total and free go up but if I understand it right my E2 and DHT should go down a bit which causes to my understanding Acne. My only real fear it seems.

I really should date an endocrinologist. Ha!

Your levels are going to peak, then at the end of the week levels are going to be low, this is not ideal. You need smaller “frequent shots” to minimize E2/DHT conversion. It will take 6 weeks for levels to stabilize, not 4 weeks. Testosterone Cyp (Half life 8 days) -steady state in 40 days.

You need to give each protocol at least 8 weeks or you’re wasting your time with TRT. TRT is a marathon, not a sprint.

No, you are doing great with once weekly 120mg, correct? Just looking for more muscle/strength gains? With twice weekly and a lower dose each time you’ll see lower peaks and higher troughs. You never know how you’ll respond, but if you weren’t having acne problems with 120mg x1 it is doubtful you will with 60mg x2. The question is will it effect your strength? Only one way to find out.

Take it from someone who has taken 800mg (400mg x2 a week) on top of AAS. You’ll gain more muscle and get stronger at higher levels. Your question is how high can you push the levels without crossing the line regarding any side effects, acne in your case.

If this does not work, titrate the dose upward until you start breaking out, then back it down. You don’t need daily injections for that.

You are spot on! Looking to push higher without going in a tail spin.
I have an advantage I can pretty much get blood work when I want through my work clinic so I’m going to get drawn tomorrow to see where I’m at right in the middle of my shot.
This time checking E2 and DHT. Along with total, free and shbg. I have recent thyroid. This should paint a full picture! Thanks to all the information I’ve learned from this site.

I really appreciate the input!

I’ll be starting my twice a week shots this week.
But something I’ve noticed that I’m trying to wrap my head around.
On my 7 day 120ml protocol it’s no question I feel my best the three’ish days and up too my next shot. If I could feel that great all 7 I’d be in heaven. :face_with_monocle:
I’d think it wove the opposite.

Got my second sets of labs.
So 7 day protocol 120mg cyp.
First tests (recap from above, done the day my shot is due)
Total 532. 309-810
Free 148. 47-244
Shbg 19. 15-95
No Estradiol test done

New labs at middle of my 7 day protocol
Total 1300. 249-950
Free 42.9 4.6-17.1 (seems like odd range from what I’m used to seeing)
Estradiol 79 0-47
Shbg 23
DHT 277 112-955 (this one shocked me it was low)

Obviously different labs did the work I guess.
I think all this screams my new protocol of 60 twice a week will only be a good thing.