Thoughts on Labs?

Recently had labs and the following are the results:

LabCorp Results:

I would like to get an opinion as to whether or not these values look good. I’m on 100 mg a week injected EOD, HCG 250 iu EOD and no AI. I’ve been feeling ok on this protocol but was wondering if adding an AI would be beneficial.

It’s best to include the reference ranges as well. I usually write them out like 784 [300-1000] for example to make it easy to compare

No, do not use an AI. My E2 is twice that and I don’t use one. There is no need. A lot of the benefits of TRT actually come from E2, despite a lot of people still believing E2 is bad. It isn’t.

How do you feel?

Your estrogen to testosterone ratio looks fine. If you aren’t growing tits then don’t worry about it. I like the 15-25:1 ratio (T to every 1 E). You are right in the middle of that ratio. Regardless if you feel fine don’t mess with it.

I feel pretty good. A bit emotional at times and easy to anger. I’m just trying to dial things in just right. I was under the impression that my E2 was on the high side and thus needed to add an AI. I’m curious what it would be like to get E2 in the 22 range that is often recommended here.

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That was recommended years ago but TRT has changed a lot recently. Very few people do well with estrogen at 20 and it’s extremely hard to keep it at 20 without crashing your E2. I read the same ksman crap and for over 6 months went for E2 = 22. I was miserable and crashed estrogen twice. Crashing E2 is probably the worst experience you can have on TRT and there are no quick fixes. It’s at least 2 weeks of hell. Your E2 is fine.

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Thank you very much for your response dexter…greatly appreciated. One more question, what are your thoughts on HCG? Is it worth keeping or should I drop it?

I’ve never used it personally so I have no experience with it. TRT is hard enough to figure out so adding another variable just makes it that much harder. I would not use it, get your TRT to the point you are dialed in and feeling good and then revisit the hcg if you want.

You didn’t mention that you were using HCG as well. How much/how often are you using?

The general sentiment is to not use it unless you’re actively trying to conceive. Some people feel better on it, most feel worse. I feel worse when I use it personally

And I agree with the previous comments regarding E2. For a long time it was treated as E2 should be a very specific and low number, but that has recently been changing to quite the opposite. People are finding that more E2 is good (not saying there’s not a limit… but you aren’t anywhere near it).

I’m using 250 iu EOD. I’m not trying to conceive nor do I have plans to. I just don’t believe in letting my testicles shrivel from atrophy. I don’t want to deal with the pain nor the sight of that. I understand HCG can add it’s own host of problems such as elevated E2 but it also has it’s benefits. I’ve been using the Crisler protocol of HCG injections. It makes sense to me.

Your free estrogen percentage is high and is why your estrogen is on the higher end causing symptoms, lowering your dosage is the prudent course of action.

Going on an AI with estrogen barely high is a fool’s errand.

What would you suggest I lower it to? I’m at a 100 mg a week now.

I would do 85mg weekly. Don’t target a number, target a lack of symptoms.

I’d post a pic of my testicles but the file size is too big. Don’t listen to that crap. 1) no girl cares about your testicle size 2) they don’t get that much smaller, only you would notice it and it isn’t even that much 3) is your testicle size worth not feeling optimal?

I would not change anything. However, if you do decide to d/c hCG, I’d bump the test up.

True dexter but what is your argument against the benefits of HCG? Why would you intentionally let one of your organs atrophy?

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Thank you for the recommendation systemlord

Hi @trt78 I’d give 800iu of HCG a try 400iu Mon and Thurs. This reduced amount might help you with your high E2. Depending on your SHGB you might be able to tolerate a high E2 but if your SHGB is on the low side you will feel much better with your E2 in the mid to upper 20’s. Micro dosing of anastrozole is the way to do that. In your case I would not take more than .25mg/wk divide it up any way you want or just take .25mg on Fridays. Best of luck to you be warned this forum has been over run with very out there and dangerous protocols take that advice at your own risk.

Do you think this would matter that much? He’s on 250IU every other day, averages out to 875IU a week.

Elaborate on what organ has atrophied so I can tell you you’re wrong. My adrenals are fine after about 2 years of testosterone. My nuts are fine as well. When I’m ready for kids I’ll take hcg and or hmg or whatever else is determined I’ll need. For me, getting dialed in was a very difficult process that seemed like would never happen and then by the grace of God I’m as good as I could have ever imagined. I’m have energy, motivation, sex drive and I look damn good. No way in hell I’d chance that because I want my nuts to look 1/8 of an inch bigger in the mirror. To each there own but you asked. If you are dialed in and feel great then trying hcg can’t hurt. You would know you could just discontinue it and go back to where you were. If you aren’t dialed in then it just complicates things. That’s only my opinion as I’ve never tried it

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OMG Dex its your balls. In fact it is not only atrophy you have induced total organ failure with T mono. When you inject T your pituitary gland no longer sends LH or FSH so basicly your ball just shrink and die. Don’t believe me? I don’t care its not my balls they are yours.