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Thoughts on Lab Values

I’m 42 and I’ve been on t-replacement since October and had actually felt like things were really dialed in nicely. That was until the last 3 weeks or so, all of the sudden the low libido is back. The only things that have changed in my regimen is switching from enanthate to depo testosterone and moving to pharmaceutical HCG(pregnyl)due to a lack of availability locally. Any thoughts on where I should be looking in the labs when I get them done next week? I’m just trying to make sure I target possible areas of trouble.

My regimen is:

2 x 75mg depo shots a week
EOD 250 HCG(Pregnyl)
25mg Anazstrozole EOD, though this might be too much still as I had a very low value of 10 at my last labs… I cut back at that point from basically everyday on the Anaz to the EOD recommended here on the forum.

Like I said, things were very good… From the way my body feels I couldn’t be happier with the results of the therapy. My strength and muscle tone are roaring back to levels I haven’t seen in 15 years. I just want my libido squared away in this equation. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like the E2 dropped too low. Stop the AI for 5-6 days and come back at 1/4 dosage.

That’s kind of what I was wondering… I’m now thinking if I should leave my dosage alone until I get the labs drawn Monday, see where I’m at then adjust… I don’t have insurance so I don’t want to have to get labs every 3 months to get things stable…haha, get’s a bit pricey. I appreciate the feedback.