Thoughts on L- Arginine and Beta Alanine?

So what are your thoughts on l-arginine and Beta Alanine?

Are they worth buying? Are they effective?
If yeah, what are the optimal times to ingest them and with what other supplements?

Beta Alanine is awesome. take it.

Beta-7, very good, follow label for dosing. L-arginine, probably not good, been discussed here numerous times, seems to be no scientific data supporting any athletic improvements.

Sounds good.

I bought it already so I will just experiment with it for a couple of weeks.

How about glutamine? I’ve heard conflicting information on it.
Some say that Glutamine is useless if you eat enough protein and some say that Glutamine keeps the immune system healthy, raises HGH, and enhances muscle recovery while reducing exercise induced muscle breakdown.

yeah, Glutamine is pretty much a waste of money unless you your digestive system sucks then l glutatmine might be of some use