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Thoughts on Inverted Row/Bench Row

I do these (occasionally) w/ feet elevated to increase difficulty

positioning- power rack or smith mach. without a bench under the rack. Reach up from the ground, grab bar, perform rows…

thoughts on this exercise? I dont do it as my only back movements (for back i focus on barbell/DB rows, chinups and pulldowns)

i actually include with my shoulder movements to help get to the outside of my back, somewhat.

I already do rear delt raises, and also use rear delt machine…I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this movement and if any specific grip would help to target the posterior deltoid more than the lats - if there are better exercises …please include

Are you talking about Horizontal Pull-ups (Horizontal Rows)? (google image search it to see)

If so, yea it’s good, great bodyweight exercise. I used to do these a lot, and still do at home sometimes. Put a plate on your chest to increase resistance.

These work the rear delt, and lats mostly. You can use a supinated grip (like a chin-up) for Bridge and Curl to target the bicep more. I use them for variety sometimes, but mostly stick with heavy lifting.

no thoughts?..

30+ views but no comments on more beneficial movements…or alternatives? or the quality of the movement?

[quote]Millerizer130 wrote:
no thoughts?..

30+ views but no comments on more beneficial movements…or alternatives? or the quality of the movement?[/quote]

Its ok, it has its place. But its not like you invented it. Its been around and its been discussed.
What did you wanna hear? Yes, thats the greatest back builder of all time, you sir, are a genius for bringing it to our attention?

alternatives? you already listed a bunch, I’m sure you can think of more on your own, or look at one of the exercise indexes floating around the internet.

Quality is fine if it’s challenging I suppose. Alternatives are anything that works the same muscles. Any…other… type of row. Pullups. Chinups. Deadlifts work rear delts or your arms would tear off but lats…not so much. Go with it if it’s challenging and progresses you towards your goals. Drop it faster than a nuke on hiroshima if it doesn’t.

T bar rows are better

can’t get a good groove on them and the weight isn’t heavy enough

I listed alternatives to give people an idea it wasnt the only back movement i do…in fact if you read the post i was just trying to incorporate it as a part of a rear delt routine.

Also Im fully aware i didnt invent it.