Thoughts on I-Well?

Is I-Well worth it?

I get sick. A lot. I live with nine people, including five children. We all go to school, work, etc., so during the colder months I can count on someone bringing something home at least a few times. I’m always the first to get sick, and the one who gets sick the most. I can’t do much to sleep more than I already do, and training/diet are always works in progress, so I’m just looking for any added boost for my immune system.

I feel like I saw someone, maybe @Matthew_Weeldreyer? recently say something about I-Well, and they may have said something along those very same lines, as far as being first/worst in their household. (If I’m totally misremembering who said that, my bad.)

If anyone’s used it, I’d be more than happy to hear if it has made a noticeable difference in your health.

Also, @Chris_Shugart or @any of the mods, whoever this should be directed towards, when I look at the FAQs for I-Well on the Biotest store, it looks like they put in the ones for P-Well. I didn’t glance that closely to see if any other sections are wrong.

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You’re correct; that was me!

And it’s still true. I’m a big, big fan of I-Well. It sounds like your scenario is similar to mine, and it has made a noticeable difference - my kid has a damn near perfect record of getting sick over every long weekend.

Hopefully others will chime in too.

(I feel like all I do just yell about I-Well anymore haha)


I have been taking I-Well for about 12 weeks. I just had my bloods done for my physical, but won’t see the results until my appointment in a couple weeks. I’ll tell you what comes out of it. I did get the flu, recently, but I don’t really know how to evaluate if it’s kept me generally healthier.


Thanks guys!

I suppose you’re right, @TrainForPain, it’s hard to say if it works or not. I generally try not to spend money on supplements if there’s something I could be doing and am not currently doing to fix the issue itself. You know, maybe I drank more water, ate more Vitamin C, and cut out more inflammatory stuff, I’d be good. This seems like an easy out, which I’m not normally for, but if it means not having a cold every other week, I’m tempted to take it.

If I can tag the one and only @TC_Luoma, I would be genuinely interested in hearing your take on it. I’m not sure if you’re directly involved with this supplement or have taken it yourself, but I’m really enjoying your new threads about foods and supplements, so any thoughts you have are more than welcome here.


I completely get your reasoning. I essentially started taking I-Well because I was out of vitamin D3 and decided to go with this instead of getting more D3.

As a fellow enjoyer of the threads, I too would love to hear from @TC_Luoma !

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Similar here. I’m sold on D3 and curcumin, so I-Well kinda took care of it.

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I want to clarify that I’m not saying that I-Well is going to make us all immune to everything (heck, I have a little cough right now - thanks, kid). But my experience has been fewer colds and less severe symptoms when I do catch one.

Anyway, carry on. Just felt I needed to clarify my enthusiasm a bit. Haha

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My sole suggestion is to add zinc lozenges to your protection plan.

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@RT_Nomad - I never saw your comment. I’ll look into that.

I created this thread, what, 6-7 weeks ago? I’ve gotten sick at least twice since then. Currently sick right now.

So, just made my first order of I-Well!

I’m not sure who to direct these questions to (@Matthew_Weeldreyer, any thoughts?), but I was wondering a couple of things:

Any thoughts on just taking I-Well just a few months out of the year? Maybe November-March or something? With the cost of the product and shipping I’m looking at $500+ a year if I use it every day of every month and I’m pretty broke, haha.

Along those lines, what about just taking it every couple of days instead of every day? Again, this is for more of a money-saving reason.

Also, is this product cool for kids? Has Biotest tested it or anyone used it on their own kids? In my OP, I mentioned that the FAQ’s for the product show the results for P-Well, which is still the case, so I don’t know if anyone has already adressed this.

Anyway, my plan is to take it daily for the next few months, since it’s my first time with it. I’ll give it the full shot and see if I feel like it makes a difference. But if anyone has any thoughts regarding my questions I’m always happy to hear them.

I take quite a few Biotest products, though I haven’t tried I-Well.
To boost my immunity I have been taking:

  1. 4,000 IU D3 daily
  2. At least one zinc lozenges daily (20 to 25mg)
  3. At least 500mg Vitamin C daily
  4. 500mg Quercetin daily

Great questions. I would guess that taking every other day or every few days would be a better cost-saving measure than taking it seasonally, only because I wouldn’t know when to recommend starting it in order to get maximum benefits through those months. Kinda like loading vs not loading creatine, though, and in the end, both ways could be just as effective.

As for use with children, that’s always a tricky subject with vitamins/supplements that aren’t targeted specifically for kids. The label says not for those under 18. My biggest hesitation would be the EGCG, as I don’t see a lot of information out there on its safety in children.

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@jshaving does the subscription option help you at all?

I’m definitely with @Matthew_Weeldreyer on the kids’ thought. I simply wouldn’t give anything to kids that I don’t have to. I may be a little old school in that regard, but that’s where I err. I know everyone can blow me up about D3 deficiency (and calcium, C, etc.), but there’s so much going on during the developmental years that I’d personally rather let it hash itself out (obviously treating illness) and then deal with deficiencies in adulthood.

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When I was a kid, all us kids got plenty of vitamin D. We spent many hours playing outdoors (often sunlight) and got exposed to many germs. Our immune systems were “war ready.”

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I was a kid much later than you (unintentional dig!), and it was the same for us. It has change A LOT in the last two decades, though.