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Thoughts on Hypoxia Training?


i saw videos of various mma and grappling athletes to use this type of training to increase lactic acid endurance and lung capacity. any thoughts on this one? they usually use snorkels to lessen breathing space and air..


Just don't do some freaky David Carradine shit, I know he was in Kung Fu and Kill Bill, but still, it's best not to imitate him. You've seen what can happen.


i've read various arguments about this kind of training.

that using a snorkel will teach you to breath through your mouth when you should be breathing through your nose.

that using a snorkel is done by wanderlei and his cardio appears to have gotten nothing but worse.

that it's unnecessary unless you are at the top level, potentially dangerous and mainly a gimmick.

is there any studies about this? anybody have any opinions on any of these arguments?


Don't mess with this unless you...

1.) you really know what you are doing and why (in other words do some research)

2.) have an experienced athlete teach you and point out any errors in your technique

3.) do not hyperventilate; avoid even taking deep breaths... normal breathing is the key watchword here

4.) patience... this will take time, so don't rush it

5.) use the buddy system; this can be serious business especially if your training involves water

I do quite a bit of Apnea training (Apex Apnea) myself but I always (stress ALWAYS) have a teammate or my wife around to supervise me... I have past out twice (both for well over 5 seconds) and she has luckily saved my grape from bouncing off the concrete. And to tell you the truth I feel only comfortable having my wife as I reall don't trust anyone besides her to watch me and especially to watch my eyes/body for STOP/rescue indicators.


Was the juice worth the sqeeze?


Yes, before it was especially worth the time to help prevent deep water blackout associated with rebreathers... now-a-days it is great for free diving speargun fishing and swimming with small whales... plus, it carrys over well to badminton and hill sprints.