Thoughts on Hany Rambod FST 7?

I have recently become aware of Hany Rambod and learning about his FST 7 program. Question for Stu, Brick and any other body builders, what is your evaluation? Seems to be high volume/high intensity with multiple extended sets. What about frequency of such a program? His results with his clients speak for themselves, Hadi Choopan, Jeremy Buendia,

Thanks for post addressed to me. I never looked into the program.

At what stage are you? Beginner, experienced?

Its a pretty standard high volume bodybuilding training method except the 7 set exercise with 30 sec rest periods at the end. he believes this expands the fascia that surrounds the muscle therefore causes better growth. Hence the name fascia stretch training ( FST )

In youtube channel, you can find the videos where he trains jeremy asshole buendia and explains the reasons behind it.

Been at it a long time.

Yes, I’ve watched a lot of Hany Rambod’s videos. That’s what created my interest.

That’s an interesting choice for a nick name. Lol

In university i was +100 kgs and very hairy so they called me Gorilla.

Kiv is the short version of my name Kivanc.

Now im more than 30 kgs lighter and i trim my hair regularly but still use that nickname :smile:


Lol I meant Jeremy asshole buendia. I’ve seen the video you’re talking about though. I have a friend that thinks this program is the end all.

And if you earn the nick name gorilla it’s pretty safe to say you invest in a razor or two lol

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Haha i totally misunderstood :grinning:

Jeremy hasn’t had a good reputation for while. He sounds like a sociopath.

Sorry, overlooked this thread…

I honestly don’t think there’s anything magical about 7 sets,… higher volume has been a staple of almost all bodybuilders since the early days when trainers first started documenting what worked for them, and realizing the common traits the successful ones had.

Intense working sets of a lower/moderate rep range followed, or accompanied by sets of a higher rep range is simply making the most of the two main pathways to trigger muscle growth; Mechanical Tension and Metabolic Stress. I’ve done this, Brick has done this, hell, pretty much all of the serious trainers and competitors I’ve ever known have incorporated some approach that involves more than one pathway.

Of course sticking a magic number, or name to a program is simply a way to brand yourself as a magic coach for people reading your articles online -lol. We see plenty of that even on this site.

You don’t need to understand everything to make amazing progress, just the basics and hit them hard. I could probably sum up every bit of magic wisdom for serious bodybuilding/trainers in one article, but then I couldn’t submit new ones every week to keep my name on everyone’s social media :slight_smile:



I think that’s the thing. Everyone’s chasing “the magic” program. And branding is what sells books and coaching.

Thanks, Stu, pretty much what I thought. He does employ extending sets with iso holds, partials, etc. which make the videos interesting.

I think everyone is looking for the magic programme because we don’t want to be wasting time. The problem I have (and a lot of other people from reading this forum) is that there is sooo much conflicting advice you don’t know what to do.

For instance I’m trying to add mass and get big (bigger I really mean) and I’m following DC training, but is that the best? Would I be gaining more on a higher volume programme?

I want to be told by someone who’s better than me at these things but no can agree on what is the best method.

Edit: @The_Mighty_Stu would be really interested in your thoughts on if DC training to get big (bigger) opposed to using a more volume based programme. Cheers

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Why not follow it to the T for 12 weeks and tell us YOUR thoughts?

I’ve done it. I liked it. Hell of a pump.


I honestly thought this was a meme name someone made up for a joke program, like Swoltecabolic 9000! didn’t know it was an actual thing.

Not to say there isn’t anything new or interesting being learned, but if they weren’t doing FST 7 fifty years ago it’s not necessary, so if it looks interesting go for it but if not skip on to the next.

Sounds like needless complication to ne


Hi imbubber,

I’ve used some of the ‘principles’ of FST-7 for the past 18 months or so, and I like it. I point out that I’m using ‘principles’ and not the exact program because I have not followed Hany’s exact rep, set, exercise scheme. Instead, I’ve adopted the philosophy of training the muscle with what we could call a “normal hypertrophy protocol” then pumping the muscle up to the max afterward with some high-volume work. I’ve responded well. I used to live heavy (for me), and while that worked for a while, my muscle growth plateaued. When I began focusing on the pump, as in the FST-7 program, I began growing again, and the growth has continued. So in a nutshell, I really like the high volume pump training for aesthetic muscle growth. It’s worked well for me, and my joints feel great. If you haven’t tried it before and are curious then by all means give it a go. Try it for a few months and see if you respond.


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Thanks for your response, gear_and_taxes. I have begun using some of the same ideas you mentioned, including extending sets with iso holds, partials, drop sets, etc. Results…we’ll see!

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