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Thoughts on Hair Loss, PCT, Plan?


So I took the plunge and started test cyp on on December 14, so that comes to one month and 8 days.My dose is 160mg a week, dosing 0.4ml twice a week. Since starting I do feel good, however I have noticed that I have started to lose some hair. Here are my questions:
Normal to lose hair at first as hormone levels may be in shock or adjusting?

If i quit at this time, just under 6 weeks do I need PCT? Or would I be better just quitting and let my body adjust normally given the short amount of time.

I called my doctor and voiced my concerns and he said he would be prescribe me HCG, but im questioning if I really need it.

Or I could stay on test cyp until mid February when I go and get my first blood test since starting to see where im at, just dont want to lose anymore hair.

Im a 40 Year old male and my levels before TRT were on the low side of normal…277 first blood test and 376 something second test.
I know this was long but I sincerely appreciate the answers.


hCG has nothing to do with hair loss. Perhaps hCG was offered as a TRT alternative.

If you have the genes for male pattern baldness, you will loose hair.

You now have three threads. You should have one so the context of earlier posts is not available for context.

You have not posted your TRT protocol.