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Thoughts on Grilling Meat


I gotta get some of those! Thats a nice load of mushrooms. I always think of you and your son when I’m walking the dogs in the woods and i see fungus.

Regarding Char:

The cleaner I can keep my grill, the less charred meat gets. The mess in the bottom of the grill can cause flare ups and char up meat or just get the grill to hot and burn stuff. Dirty grates transfer charred gunk to nice meat.

For a couple years I over cooked stuff like pork and chicken on the grill. I guess I was a puss, worried about getting a tape work. Stuff can char up when you over cook it. I got a cheap meat thermometer and after a few uses learned I was overcooking. Now that I don’t grill so hot or long stuff chars less.

Also I try to avoid thick sugary sauces or marinades that can burn into a charred mess.


I’ve switched to pan searing a lot of meats that are less than a half inch or so. I’ll use a griddle that has a big hot spot in the center, then throw a lid over top to trap/localize the heat. That intense direct heat gives it a nice crispyness and the lid contains some heat so that the inside cooks adequately.

Thicker chicken breasts can be tough though. For those I keep them one rack down from the broiler and cook for about 7 min./side. For the crazy sized ones I’ll saute for a while and finish in the broiler. Some of those monster sized ones are pretty much out of my league for all intents and purposes.


I get that some people like charred meat and that’s where the cancer comes from, but that’s just over-cooking IMO.

If cooking ribeyes like this gives you cancer then I’m rolling the dice with being happy, satiated and strong. Sadly, I did not have access to bone-in ribeye on that particular occasion. They came out perfect medium rare.


Exactly. News alert -inhaling smoke from burning stuff kills you too, and a lot faster.

Costco sells tomahawks now. Absolutely scrumptious, better than a regular bone-in ribeye; theoretically should be no different, maybe it’s just mental.


Wait when we are talking char do we means some deep grill marks or a full on black crusty layer?


Dang reading about grilling’s link to cancer, and the importance of “low and slow” damn, the beautiful porn. Would’ve posted pics of the bison but I was texting while mr guns slapped it on grill. He gave it to me, and it was a bit pink inside, I had to nuke it :cold_sweat:.


Is this regarding the carcinogens from the “char”?

If so, I have basically disregarded it. I grill once a week for my meal prep. Whole family eats it.

Cant replicate the taste.


It stays for 5 days at least for me. Do it all the time.


I prefer to grill for several reasons.

  1. I have less pans to clean afterwards.
  2. It’s something that I generally enjoy doing.
  3. It adds another layer of flavor to the meat.

My in-laws have elk steaks every once in a while and I greatly prefer those to beef steaks.
I actually like grilling chicken more than steak surprisingly. I just think that the grill adds more flavor to generally bland chicken more than generally flavorful steak.