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Thoughts on Grilling Meat

What are your thoughts on grilling meat? Do you try to restrict it?

I don’t try to restrict it. I do it once a week in the summer, and it makes enough food for 3-4 days.


Meat loves fire. No science will ever convince me otherwise.


I have too many thoughts on grilling meat to share right now, but if I had to pick a top 5, it would be…

  1. Bone-in Ribeye Steak
  2. Porterhouse Steak (bone-in, obviously)
  3. Chicken breasts (skin on and, of course, bone-in)
  4. Pork chops (with a bone still attached to the meat)
  5. Various fish, gutted and scaled but still attached to it’s skeletal system

In a lot of ways I do. You can easily over-season something like a high-quality steak, so when in doubt restrict your seasonings to salt-and-pepper and let the meat and heat do the talking.

Cooking is fundamentally about restricting heat to achieve the desired temperature, so I’ll use various methods ranging from high-heat over the fire to indirect heat off to the side, sometimes with the lid on but not always, and sometimes a combination of those factors.

I hope this was helpful.


Since I’m not allowed to cook meat inside, for fear of stinking up my home, all my meat meets its
heat on an outdoor grill. I own a propane grill for convenience, and my father-in-law has an old-school Weber kettle.


Yes so much yes


It’s the only thing that makes me think that there might be a God who loves us out there.


Anyone ever tried grilling bison for burgers? Yesterday some was on sale. Plus, i had a save $10 off if I spent $25 in the meat department. Essentially the bison was free :wink:. Just in case I have my sirloin patties waiting. Thnx


A picture is worth a thousand words.


Inb4 thread turns into grilled meat porn


Big fan of grilled bison here. I’ve made bison steaks and burgers. Just be advised that bison is (usually) leaner than ground beef that people use for burgers, so it can dry out if you’re not careful. Adjust accordingly.


I’ll keep an eye on it. Would you recommend some Worcestershire sauce? I add that when I need moisture to ground sirloin. Thanks :hugs: edit it’s 85% lean simple truth (grass fed and no hormones)

Good call. A little Worcestershire is a nice hedge and provides a good Smokey flavor to boot. I tend to put some spicy ketchup or BBQ sauce on my burgers so even if it dries out a little bit, I don’t mind.

85% lean is the optimal for burgers IMO. Should be good stuff. Enjoy!

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I meant more the health effects of the char.


Good question. I’ve read a couple articles about grilling and its link to stomach cancer. The articles have quoted research
on people in Japan, because they grill more than most other cultures.

The studies have found the exponentially
more stomach cancer in Japan than any other country, and they found a positive correlation between grilled food and stomach cancer.

I don’t know if there’s a certain amount of grilling that’s safer, but since reading those studies, I’ve greatly reduced the amount of food I grill. If you do eat grilled meat, it’s smart to drink black tea with it (iced is fine), because the antioxidants in the tea somewhat neutralize the char.

I don’t concern myself with it.

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When I get home, I’m making carmelized onions to go on top. Can’t wait to see all those beautiful onions shrivel into blackened goodness. :yum: yum…thanks and have a terrific day! I’ll let you know if success or failure. I’ve got plenty of backups if needed :wink:.

Anyone ever grill steak directly on wood charcoal? No grate, just lying on the coals. Amazing. Take a thick piece of steak, 2+ inches, give it a good dry rub, and toss it directly on the hardwood coals once they’re glowing. I like my meat rare, so if you prefer medium rare, or (shudder) more, put it on the grate after it’s had a few minutes either side on the coals.

Did I see pierogi?

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Yep! A whole pan of 'em!

covered in sauteed chanterelles-

hand picked by my little minion!