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Thoughts On Gakic


I heard a lot of good things about some new supplement called gakic.Has anyone tried it yet?If so,please tell me what you think about it.


Its too expensive and i honestly would perfer the much cheaper adenergy from ON.


It's as good as NO Explode.


They were offering free samples awhile ago, did anyone get it yet? I am going on about 2 months now, still nothing


Still nothing here. They have a encapsulated form out now, mostly because I heard the powder tasted like shit. I'd like to purchase some to just try it, but at $80, it's a little spendy for something that probably does nothing anyway.


Ok,cool.80 dollars is way too much! Thanks for your opinions guys.


if price is something that is holding you back. you should shop around i paid just under 40 bucks for mine check out some of the online supplement sites


You missed out on a bottle of Spike or Carbolin 19, probibly money better spent.

Sorry, I'm kinda a Biotest fanboy, can you tell?