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Thoughts on First Cycle?


Now, I know it's against the rules to mention sources so I won't be doing any of that and I will be ignoring any PM's that ask me where I got this stuff.

Looking for the opinions of some other pros though...

Anyways, I'm 26 years old and have been training for 7 years at the gym and am trying to get shredded and gain some tone for the summer when I hit the beach to impress the ladies.

So I've been focusing on a summer stack, mainly for tone and cutting. Perhaps a little bulking.

Here is what I'm going to take...

Test-600x, 2 tablets daily with meals

Pituitary Growth Hormone, 2 tablets daily

Var-10, 2 tablets daily

Clen, 2 tablets daily

I'm also thinking about adding a 5th, either D-anabol 25, Deca 200, or Tren 75 but I don't want to get too big so I'm thinking maybe 1 tablet a day?

Anways, I'm planning 4 weeks for my first cycle and then maybe bumping it up to 8 for my second. Hoping to be ripped for the summer.


Sorry, but that crap you just bought is garbage


Ummm, I didn't even reveal my source so how can you know for certain?


I don't think there is such thing as an oral version of human growth hormone.



something tells me you don't need to worry about that...


man I feel bad for this guy. He's clearly just googled the word steroids and gone to the first site that's popped up.

Not only is that stuff garbage, have you seen the prices? It's so expensive!


lol everything on that site is oral. Even the "test-600x"


obvious troll is obvious


It's quite simple really. I think a lot of us know what/where you bought it.

Good luck.


obviously we can't name the site, but we all know it.

So is that stuff even prohormones? Multivitamins? Sugar pills?

I've never known anyone be retarded enough to order from there, so I dunno.


....dammit, not I'm starting to get worried. It seemed pretty high profile where I got it so I figured they wouldn't survive if they were scamming people.


obviously trolling


even if he is a troll, I'd still love some insight as to what you actually get when you order from that site if anyone knows?


most likely herbs


Ok, so I thought I got scammed but looking at the back of the product one of the ingredients in the Test 600X is epiandrosterone. Maybe it's not the same kind of testosterone you guys take but I'm thinking if it has that at least it's legit.

The other products though just have herbs in the ingredient label which pisses me off since they didn't list any ingrdients on the website. How is this even legal?

In any case I'm glad at least one product wasn't bunk.


Legal? Well I suggest you go to the nearest police station and give them the drugs and swear out a complaint.


it's legal because they're not selling anything illegal.

They prey on chumps who try and buy from the first website that comes up when you google steroids.

Chumps like you.

Did you really think it would be that easy?

Chalk it up to experience, be more careful next time. Make friends with a big dude at the gym and hope he hooks you up.


The best part is that fake stuff is probably more expensive then actually getting real gear!


It makes me greatful that I have found these boards and done research on steroids even though I have yet to use any.

I know what you have must be fake because there is no such thing as oral growth hormone. Also I don't think there is any such thing as pure oral testosterone though I might be mistaken on that one.