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Thoughts on Don Lemon

I was just wanting to know if anyone has read Don Lemmon’s book or has read any of his thoughts on training and nutrition. I have friends who tell me how effective his ideas are, but when I went to his site all I saw was a whole lot of bashing of the whole supplement industry. Anyway, for those of you who aren’t familiar with his writing, he talks about the importance of food separation (no specifics were mentioned on the site). He seemed to have a pretty large following of bodybuilders, fitness models and such. It still sounded kinda suspect to me though. Any thoughts would be great.

Don’s “big nutrition break through” is the age old discipline of food combining. He puts his own slant on it, making 12 food groups, but the basic drift is this: Proteins and fats together, with veggies, carbs derived from starches can’t be combined with fat or protein, and fruit eaten alone on an empty stomach. As for his advertising campaign: it’s really quite simple and annoying all rolled into one. Here’s a simple formula: shed bad light and evoke lots of bads feelings towards something by giving lots of “facts” that contridict the tenets of the other diet. Then, when you’ve broken everything down to the ground, give people the the “truthfull alternative” i.e. your product. Hype it up, put sports names on your product, and get lots of before and after picture testimonials. Gee, sounds alot like a supplement ad…

This diet and specifically Lemmon pushing has been around for years. Where are all the grass root proponents, ie CKD?

The only people that say it works are celebrity. Newflash when your habits are that bad and you don’t even workout you will see quick results. These people that go to trainers because they can’t control their own indulgences and they’re used to quick fixes. The trainer stands over them says they can’t have that drink, french fry, smoke, x, whatever. Totally changes their lifestyle plus they have enhanced sports supplements for those preparing for a movie…Nicky Cage, Ed Norton, Sly.

I used Don’s theory for about 3-4 months maybe 4 years ago. The main asset is the amount of disipline you must learn to do the diet. It is very hard to eat this way. However, I did not notice any significant improvements in my body. I was a competitive athlete at the time and noticed improvements in my play, but I feel that was due to my training and not his nutrition program.

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He’s Richard Simmon’s younger brother