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Thoughts on Doing TRT Yourself?


SO I have reliable pharm grade source of test. I don't have insurance or the patience to find a good doc-have not had good luck yet- I'm just about ready to say screw it and just start injecting my self and getting tests done every few months. What are you thoughts on this? It would be much cheaper but also illegal sadly but tired of having the problems associated with low test.


Probably stupid, but im basing this mostly on the fact that you didnt bother to provide us with any symptoms, previous bloodwork, or changes in lifestyle that may warrant this...so I have to assume you are just some random guy that wants to be on TRT for no real reason...good luck!


no I have low t and have the bloodwork done. The reason would be to optimize my levels and feel better and all the benefits that come with having optimum levels. Instead of constant fluctuations with already low t.


But could your Low T be caused by another issue that could be corrected? That is the question you have find the answer to. Sure you might have a couple blood tests showing low test but what other tests have you had done? As mentioned above symptoms and post all the blood work you have.

TRT should really be the last resort, it is no joke the protocol is for life. It is not something you do for 5 weeks and then it sorts itself out. If you have an underlying issue TRT might really just be a band aid fix.

Exhaust all avenues, check everything is in order and if all else fails TRT might be the road to take.