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Thoughts On Dedicated Upper Body Pulling Day?

Spiraling downward do to a hiccup on OHP today. Not my first time. I’m tired of fighting it for the time being. So without turning this into a story; what are everyone’s thoughts on a dedicated… essentially, rowing day.

Mon: Heavy BB Rows
Tue: Squat
Thur: Bench
Fri: Deadlift

I thoroughly enjoy rows, and pulling in general, I enjoy lifting 4 days a week, and pulling did wonders for my bench.

My only issue would be the back stress. While my lower back has been significantly armored since the problems it had years ago, I’m worried DL, Squat, and Rows might be considered a rough idea? I would treat is mostly as a BB Row/Weighted Pull up day. And it would follow a slightly higher rep, less weight routine than the standard big 3.

I could also double it with a shoulder accessory day and attempt to get my overhead mobility back in order.


If you believe the above is true then:


Give it a shot and see how you pull up. You can always do stuff like DB rows to take some of the edge off the lower back.


Build into it. Start with less volume and movements that spare the lower back and see how you feel and other lifts/training respond.

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yeah not a bad idea, doesnt have to be horizontal pulling focus either
-hit the back from all angles… heavy lat pulldowns, hammer strength machines, pullups, high-volume assisted chins as a finisher etc etc


I’ll be rolling out a new upper body pulling workout tomorrow based largely on CT’s theories on how to train pulling muscles (High Performance Mass) and in line with @RampantBadger’s point about hitting the back from all angles.

4 sets of 8 rep supersets

Snatch grip high pull / Muscle snatch
Chest-supported row / DB row
Straight-arm pulldown / Wide grip pronated lat pulldown

Weighted chins on my Upper Body Push Day (Narrow supinated grip).

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Are barbell rows the only type of rows accessible to you? Otherwise machines/cables will help mitigate that added lower back stress

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An alternative, using the barbell, would be Meadows rows. One arm row, using a landmine or just stick it in the corner, with the other arm supported to keep the load off the lower back.

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I wasnt entirely clear on the style of Row, that was my fault. I specified BB Row with intent of treating it like a “big lift” then doubling down of a lot of lighter variations/angles.

I actually just purchased some 2" caliper free weight dumbbells from some dude that had them on his porch I saw while driving. So my rowing options just increased a bit. I, however, do not have any access to machines or bands currently.

You guys have definitely provided me with a bit of insight and options though. When I go back into the strength phase I will include the dedicating pulling day and experiment.

I’ve also always done all my back work combined with Bench, so I’m curious to see how they react being separated into their own days.

Thanks a ton!

How heavy and how volume do you plan on rows?

Depends on how I feel, considering in this example I would be deadlifting Friday, by the time Monday rolled around I probably wouldn’t be at 100%

I would probably start by working up to a set of 3-5 at RPE 8ish. Do something like 3 sets at that weight.

Then some weighted pull ups, probably a standard 5×5 weighted pull up

Then some meadows/Landmine rows, tbar rows, or Dumbbell rows for higher reps as a finisher.

Alternatively I could switch to kroc rows for reps for my heavy lift, maybe as lower back fatigue management day. Every few weeks.