Thoughts on Deca

I’m a little confused about Deca. I’m a complete newbie and have been researching different types of cycles.

I’ve read a number of people rave on about Deca being the best for gains and with the least amount of side effects. Then I read in other sites, book and especially forums that using deca is a really bad move.

What are your thoughts on deca if you have used the stuff?

you will get mixed results from different people because the side effects hit different people in different ways.

chemically it was designed to have minimal side effects:
no estrogen/gyno, no hair loss, no prostate enlargement, no agression, no HPTA shutdown. All anabolic with no androgenic.

In reality it can cause a great deal of gyno (not estrogen related but from prolactin) and libido problems in some people but not others.

There are ways to counter this or avoid it (combining it with Test for libido and winny or bromocriptine for prolactin reduction).

I am sure I have some of my facts wrong because it was a while since i looked into Deca…I decided given the option I would rather do EQ.


For a good size/strength cycle a classic is the ol’ DBOL/Deca stack. A very decent ratio of gains to sides.

As a stand alone Deca like most gear isn’t necessarily the cream of the crop.

It is a strong class 1 steroid. It is very androgenic, binds very well to the androgen receptor, however, is a 5-alpha reductase class. Alot like trenbolone, it is impossible to convert any to DHT, therefore libido is unsupported with this compound.

I also will not aromatise to estrogen like testosterone does, however it can be converted to progesterone.

In my personally expererience you need to be doing 800-1000mg per week to really begin to see progesteronic gyno occur.

Over all a very effective drug, for size. I also can help with some injuries, for example I healed my brother’s carpel tunnel (he doesn’t train) using it, and it tends to relieve pain in joints, and tendons, but increasing fluid in the joints, increasing colagen synthesis, and it’s anti-Inflamatory actions.

The downside to this drug is that it is possible to injure yourself while on, and not even realise the extent of the injury untill you come off, when an inflamatory rebound occurs.

Another downside, is recovery takes a very long time if using the decanoate ester, and even if not, you need to eliminate as much as possible of this drug before you can initiate any type of pct.

Libido of course is an issue, but this is easily fixed by adding a steroid that converts to dht.

Final consern is for tested athletes, it lasts in the body for a very long time in detectable levels.

You wonder why proffessional athletes are always getting caught, with some kind of “19-Nor” compond in their system, and then blaming it on some over the counter supplement they took, well the real reason more than likely is that they did deca sometime in their past.

Whoa. Ok, a couple of things.

  1. Deca absolutely WILL convert to estrogen. It converts to a “weaker” estrogen called norestrogen. If you find a way around this, let me know. Aromatase inhibitors will not work because this conversion does not take place via the aromatse enzyme.

Another note, the next poster is going to probably tell you the little bit of norestrogen is nothing to worry about. Consider the fact that it converts at around 20% the rate of testosterone. Take a wekkly dose of 500mg for example, and bear in mind your balls produce 50mg per week of natural T if you are lucky. Doesn’t take a mathematician to see you’ll have a considerable amount of norestrogen floating around in you.

At 1000mg per week, god help you. Remember also, “weaker” estrogen does not mean inactive estrogen. Ever wonder why deca causes bloaty water retention? Why it “lubricates” your joints? Those are estrogen related effects. This is also why estrogen busting DHT compounds are good for cutting and can make your joints hurt (winny. Good luck with your nipples

  1. Nandrolone (your deca) DOES convert to a version of DHT. NOR-DHT. NOR-DHT is weaker and less active than DHT. This is good, but again weaker and less active basically means LESS hairloss for the genetically prone- not NO hairloss. NOR-DHT will still bind to the receptor.

Finally, read about the effect of nandrolone on amines in the brain. Deca made me markedly more aggressive without question.

i wasn’t aware that it was androgenic. I thought it was pretty much all anabolic.

well that is why i gave the disclaimer about not having done my homework on it in a while. i was looking for less water retention so i went for different compounds and quit looking into deca.

so is there any way to avoid the norestrogen and norDHT conversion or do you just need to limit the dose?