Thoughts on D-Drol

Hey all, just curious as to any thoughts on D-Drol. Anybody use this and have positive or negative things to say about it?

It appears to have 3 prohormones in it…at pretty high doses when taken 2x a day. These new supplements always garner my curiosity and I came across it this morning.

Searched on here and didn’t find anything about it from anyone…so thought I’d start a topic on it

Here’s a link to what it is on

thanks all!!

looks like a waste to me :shrug:

there is a prohormone sticky in the top of the forum. I suggest you read that and if you have any further questions you can post them in there and others should help you out.


edit: thanks mods for making me look like an ass!

This was originally in the supp and nutrition forum and I recommended to check the steroid forum where the mods edited “top of the forum”

no problems, but I didn’t want to sound like I was being a jerk. lol

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