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Thoughts On Cycle

Just wanted some feedback on a proposed cycle of aproximately 10 weeks, as follows:

weeks 1-3:
D-Bol 25mg 1x daily

weeks 1-10:

Test Prop 200mg/cc 2 cc every 3rd day
Test Enen 250mg/cc 2 cc 1x week

HCG week 10 and Nolva as needed.

A couple questions/comments for you.
Why take the dianabol all in one dose? The half life of dianabol is roughly 5 hrs. so you need to break up the 25mg into 2-4 different doses.
Also be prepared for some immense pain post-injection for the propionate.


Thanks for the advise on splitting up the d-bol into separate doses; I will do this.

Would there be a better option than the Propionate? IE, if I increased the dosage of Enenthate could I replace the Prop with an alternative?

Goals are size and strength, and I have access to just about anything, Tren, EQ, etc.

Looking for the best size and strength results, but if the Prop would be extreemly painful, and there is an equal or almost equal alternative, then why do the Prop, right?

Any input is welcome, and thanks again to MK.

I personally would go with the Tren, but if this is your first cycle it is harsh for a first cycle. The TE is good for size and a little strength, Tren will really give you an appetite and awesome strength.


I would use your enanthate first with a gram front load, prop at the end so you could start pct at a pre-determined time.

Post the amount of gear you have, so it would be easier to understand you cycle.

Frontload the test Ent. at a gram, run your d-bol for 4 weeks and frontload 800 mgs of eq. Cut the eq out at week 7-8 and switch over to test prop. After your last shot of prop you can start pct the next day or two. PCT should be some sort of anti estrogen (I like femara) clomid, Alpha Male, creatine, and if you wanted to try it Maximum Strength HOT-ROX comes recommended by Pitt. BTW this wouldn’t be used to cut up, just keep fat gains/catabolism low post cycle while eating big to hold gains. Good luck bro. Almost forgot, I don’t have alot of estrogen related problems ie. gyno so for a cycle like this I’d just keep nolva on hand if my nips start too bother me. Fortunatley they never have.