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Thoughts on Cycle/ Whether I Should or Not

A bit about me:
26, 6’0, 206 lbs and probably sitting at about 17-18% bodyfat.
Training 5-6 days a week, 5 lifting 1 cardio.
Bench: 243 lbs x6
Deadlift: 400lbs x6
Squat: 300 lbs x6 - don’t judge I’m coming back from 3 torn ligaments in my ankle, 12 weeks off training legs

Been training for about 5 years total, 2-3 years consistently.

Never cycled before, I’ve done a bit of research online as well as advice from buddies who have and are cycling.

Before I start and fully consider running this cycle, I’d like some opinions from you guys on whether my cycle looks complete (with adequate PCT) and whether I would be wise enough at this stage to commence a cycle. I don’t want to be one of those morons that mess themselves up because they didn’t listen. This isn’t like choosing what DVD to purchase.

I’ve decided that if I go ahead with the cycle I will be running Test E.

Weeks 1-10
Test E - 500 mg
Arimidex - .25mg eod
HCG - 250iu twice a week until last shot of Test E

Week 13- 16 Nolva or Clomid 40 40 20 20 or 50 50 50 50

If this is good or no good please leave your critique and I’ll take all opinions on board and have a better look into making changes and gaining more knowledge.