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Thoughts on Cutting Cycle?

I’m new to T-nation so I’ll break down my stats.
I’ll be running my 4th cycle this spring just looking for any suggestions! I’m 26, 190 lbs 5’11’’ about 12-13% body fat. I put on a lot of mass over the winter so I’m gonna be cutting down to likely about 170-ish.
Cycle is gonna be 10 weeks
100 mg test prop EOD 1-10
100 mg masteron EOD 1-10
10 mg anavar ED 7-10
50 mg winstrol 7-10
Aromasin eod 1-10

Pct: clomid, nolva, nugenix ultimate. Always been my pct even for heavier cycles & never had an issue

Let me know if you have any suggestions or critiques!

Looks good the only thing i would change is the length of winstrol. 4 weeks is usually the standard. I see good results after a week that continues to the 4th week then from then on its minimal. So id run that an extra week. I have no personal experience with anavar but i know thats a very small dose and again a short length. Not sure there is much benefit to 3weeks 10mg/day. But it probably can’t hurt much.

So as far as the aromasin. Masteron has showed to have anti estrogenic like effects. Limiting the need for an AI in a lot of cases when running modest doses of other compounds. Even without the mast i wouldn’t think youd need an AI at that test dose. With the masteron i can almost guarantee you wont

As far as pct there is simply no benefit of running dual serms. Even tho it might not be a problem for you the only thing your accomplishing is wasting money… With thqt being said if money isnt a issue then knock yourself out

thanks for the reply mate, i can run the winstrol & var for 4 weeks both. I’ve never actually used an oral but i know this is a pretty low dose of anavar too but its all I could get my hands on.
Would you still not recommend an AI even if I am kind of gyno sensitive? I knew about those properties in Masteron too which is why I was thinking it for this cycle. Figured it was a good thing to throw in since I have had some issues with aromatizing compounds before.

also any thoughts on me possibly throwing in Tren A? I’ve used tren E before on a 12 week cycle and I’ve always seen test p/mast/tren a as a premier cutting cycle so I have been thinking of that as a possibility too.

With that dose of mast and test i would see how you feel at the 4 week mark and go from there.

Im not comfortable suggesting that anyone use tren. Yes its a great drug with amazing results but as far as if you should use it or not is completely up to you. If you have a previous cycle of tren then you have something to compare it to. If the sides effects and etc were manageable then if i were you I’d be more inclined to run it again.