Thoughts on Current Levels?

So back ground. I’m about to turn 27, have had some issues the past couple of years. I’ve always thought I had low test because I’m tired all the time no matter how much I sleep, low libido, tummy fat even though I’m fairly fit, soreness, and my brain fog is bad. I walk a lot daily, pretty good diet, no medications. Dr 2 years ago put me on antidepressant which didn’t do anything, quit taking it and then he put me on another months later which didn’t do anything so I’ve been off them for a year. 3 weeks ago I went to general dr which didn’t seem concerned about any of my results although my test was 400 there. A week later I went to a clinic that specialized in test and these are all my results. He put me on clomid which I’ve been on for a week now and can’t see any differences other than I am more tired I feel like. Just wanted some other insight.

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You’re missing the most important number (or I just missed it). SHBG and/or FT. That’s where the rubber meets the road, and you need to know what it is.

Your PRL is high, could add some B6 in daily and see if your energy improves


I’ll have to see if he tested for that. It wasn’t in any of the charts he sent me. I do take multivitamins but no help as far as the energy. Even when I’ve had nutrient labs run my vitamin b and d looked good

You can’t go to any doctor for a sex hormone evaluation, you need to find a doctor that isn’t clueless.

An estrogen level at 12 for an adult male is low enough to cause osteoporosis if left this low long enough.

Clomid is a terrible treatment for low-T or to see if you will feel better with more testosterone, run from this clinic!

It wasn’t a normal dr, it was a men’s clinic that mainly does hrt and trt. No clue why he wouldn’t of tested those levels though, I’ll have to call Monday and see if maybe he just some how didn’t send them to me or what. And yeah I thought my estrogen was pretty low, but then again my test is on low side for my age. His reasoning for putting me on clomid was he said my test level wasn’t quite low enough to be put on trt rn and wanted to see how the clomid would do before doing trt. But now I’m 8 days in at 25mg a day so my levels will be elevated some if I have to retest for shbg and free test.

So dr just called me back and said those weren’t tested for. He said my shbg doesn’t really effect anything as far as treatment so didn’t look at it and he said my free test wasn’t because usually it’s just the total test looked at as far as being eligible for treatment. Going to get labs done tomorrow morning although I’ve been on clomid for 9 days now. Not sure if it’ll effect it much

Like I said, clueless. SHBG effects the bound and unbound portion of testosterone. It sounds like another clinic that just doesn’t get it.

As for why this clinic put you on clomid, what a braindead decision because you’re LH was already near the top of the range naturally.

I’m kinda new to all this stuff, did pro hormones probably 8 years ago. Not familiar with all these terms so it’s been hard for me to get on track, appreciate the help though. I’m going to get those 2 levels checked in the morning and should get them back before Wednesday to figure out where to go next. Just kinda crazy to me he said the free test isn’t looked at much.

It sounds like this clinic director, not necessarily an actual doctor was only concerned with meeting the legal requirements to be able to prescribe TRT and doesn’t understand what tests to order and/or how to interpret a complete hormone panel and is just in it for the money.

An competent doctor is going to look at the Total T, Free T, Free T percentage using the Total T and SHBG values.

Sadly wouldn’t surprise Me. Sad thing is this is supposed to be the best dr around me for this. All the other people are just average endo drs. I’ll upload results when I get them and maybe can figure something out and go from there.

So his reasoning for not checking those 2 was the shbg can’t be changed he said so he usually doesn’t check that although he said some steroids can effect it. And for the free test he said he’s never seen anyone that had a low free test and a normal total test. He said my estrogen was Low and if my free test is low then I can qualify for trt. So should get labs tomorrow and testing vitamin d as well.

He’s inexperienced and hasn’t had enough patient’s to know any better. Search these forums and you’ll find guys with high SHBG, High Total T and low Free T. It happens to a lot of guys who reduce calories when cutting.

It only took seconds to find this thread of a guy with high SHBG, Total T at 759 which is at the top end of the normal ranges and Free T is below the normal ranges.

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Here is a guy with high SHBG, a good total testosterone level with a comparatively low “within range” free testosterone level. Felt like crap.

He is a younger dr, I think he was 33 and clinic has only been up for about a year. My diets been pretty much the same forever but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. Is high shbg bad?

Crazy he felt like crap from that, his total test is double mine.

I’m nervous since I’ve been on clomid that my levels will be too high to do anything with. Really don’t know what to do

Stopping Clomid is a good start and check in a few weeks once you’re off that crap.

Wonder how long it would take to completely get out of my system and for my levels to go back to my “normal”

It most certainly can be lol

What would impact it exactly? He said it couldn’t be changed but then said steroids like winstraw can raise it lol