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Thoughts on Creatine/Reviews

Wondering what the best creatine product i should get.

Any reviews? I want the best one overall and could care less about taste/mixing

Creatine Mono has been around the longest and is really the tried/true one. I used creatine mono mixed with some gatorade post workout and did just fine.

Honestly any brand will do you well. They sell some on the T-Nation store so you should be all set.

Which ones have you looked at so far?

My favorite:

Bought about 1000g creatine ethyl ester, on sale, for about 10 bucks. Tastes awful and don’t notice any differences. Once I run out I’m going back to Biotest creatine.

Taking a double dose of CEE pills before workouts, works great

Any Creatine Monohydrate will be fine, however based on your other thread food should be a priority.

CEE is a waste of money.

“CEE is a waste of money”.[/quote]

-Not for me, for some people it works very well, for some it doesn’t.

There are lots of new versions try a couple and see which you body responds best to. I have some friends who swear by green magnitude, creatine hcl has good reviews but is expensive, same for the stuff in Anaconda