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Thoughts on Close-Grip Bench Press?


i am trying to build up my tricep strength, do you think i will get good results with this exercise?






99% /thread. But I'd be remiss not to mention weighted dips. Not the 35 lb. on a dip belt kind but the kind that makes your eyes bleed.

 Yeah, try and push the bar in a straight line, and not over the face, you really will feel it in your triceps that way throughout the whole movement.


Good point.

Now /thread


Personally, I've never had much luck with carry over to my comp grip or triceps strength. I've had better luck with close grip floor presses, band work, and 3 board presses for triceps. But give it a try, it might just be awsome for you.


JM press is something to consider


Just give up ink.

3 board ftw.