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Thoughts on Chromium Picolinate?

just bought a bottle of 200mcg as i am trying to drop a LOT of weight and i remembered taking this stuff in the past. anyone have sound experience with this or knowledge? i don’t want to go any higher than 400mcg (2 pills a day) and if i don’t notice anything after my first bottle i am not going to bother with buying another one.

It came out as a sports supplement in 1990, as this magical fat burning pill, that worked thru controlling blood sugar and body comp, it cant hurt but get a good sports supplement multu vitamin off Amazon would be better, you know the one’s with like 5or6 pills, taken daily.

Not a multi. Please read up on it before making false statement.

Chromium, as far as I know, has never been proven.

Balanced diet is way more effective.

Not false state i didnt say cromium was a multivitamin. It was touted as a pill that had fat burning properties, just like all the other shams. Gamma Drol, smilax , boron were supposed to be test boosters, i remember spending my hard earned money on, i was in high school and working 30 plus hours a week. I suggested taking a multivitamin instead, balance diet the best, but why not make sure getting vitamins. Where were you in 1990? Or how about dibencozide which supposed to work like dbol when all it was just fancy b 12 cyclobolan

thanks for the feedback regardless of the bantering… i figure i will give the bottle a try and if i don’t notice anything noticeable then i will save my $14…

I was talking about taking multi vitamins. Completely useless. Better off taking a Superfood type of supplements.

I’m 50, By the way. And reading too many M&F’s and MM2K’s. What does that have to do with chromium?

So you remember all the shit that did nothing, i myself think a gnc multipack. Might fill in a deficit im not getting haven’t taken in a while, but for the last 3 months i have been drinking a kale cruise shake, with about evety kind of greens you can think of, my poops have never been better.

if you dont mind Strongman what is in your kale shake? maybe i will give it a go. i would rather eat quality foods than crank a bunch of pills that probably dont get absorbed anyways and i have trouble remembering what i took… haha


We are on the same page

Chromium and multies are useless.

Green shake for the win

OP. Be careful. Most people head straight to the can if their present diet is not high in green veggies already. That shake is awesome

thanks JFG for the advice, i am not going over 300mcg or chromium anyways and might look into what brewers yeast is and try that and getting more liver in my diet. i am quite overweight so that was the impetus for finding something to help me a little bit…


Just speaking from recent experience so dont flame the shit out of me. Started lifting again after about a 20 year layoff (long story for another thread) back in late August of 2015. Started the New Year of 2016 at a paunchy, chubby 207-210 lbs.~ ish…I am now at 184lbs. all the while lifting. I would do research, read but most importantly listen to your body and figure out what works for YOU. I havent used anything other than protein powder and some creatine. Things that have worked for me:

    • water. Nothing but water as a beverage. On occassion, homemade ice tea with lemon no sweetener.
  1. Watch what you eat. Acknowledge what goes in the pie hole. Be honest with yourself when it comes to snacks…nuts seeds fruits peanut butter almond butter etc instead of shit

  2. Limit carbs to such things as white rice, potatoes, etc…

  3. cardio for me is either sprints or weighted carries…

  4. I lift 5 days a week for an hour…take a day off and start the 5 days again. Listen to your body. take breaks if you need to and rest.

  5. This is between you and YOU. Incorporate or drop new things things that arent working in and out of the routine

  6. Limit drinking. This was hard for me…but if I drink it is maybe once a week if at all. 2 beers and I am done.

These are just things that I started my change with. So dont flame me. Just some quick points.
Good Luck. You can do this…start slow and just keep adding reachable goals and smashing them. Be positive and keep a positive mindset. Find people, guys/gals at the gym that motivate you…change things up and make it a lifestyle change

Good Luck!!!

It is premade it has kale, spinach,cucumber, garlic,ginger,broccoli, with an apple puree so it is edible. A 14 oz bottle has 80 cal so it is not sugery, its called kale cruze, the company make about 6 other smoothies, i eat apples for fiber and bananas for potassium, i get the smoothies from Hy-vee foods in iowa. It dont give me shits though just comes out smooth.

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Thanks Lonewolf - i would never shit on anyone for solid common sense advice, totally agree on listening to your (my) body… i have a problem with the beers as well and have to tone it down, also off a highly weigh gaining medication so that was a shitty experience… anyways thanks bro, look forward to seeing any new things you have to share. and SMJ, thanks, i am in Canada so will have to look for it here somewhere… use to live in Los Angeles and miss the healthy health food stores all over the place!

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The beers will slow down once you see results in the mirror. Trust me…the trade off would be too great. Being of German/Irish descendants, this was the hardest thing I have done…but all in all; it is for the better.

Alot of guys on here preach the truth…esp. making lifestyle changes slowly since this will be more apt to long term adaptation rather than some phase you go through.

ya thanks man, i am living in Canada and we like our beer here as well… i unfortunately put on 100 lbs over the past year and got up to 340! and i am only 5’11… drinking beer and eating pub food - so must make many changes to my diet and stay consistent in the gym and hit some cardio too… i am 38 years old and must admit i believe my form in the gym only got good and ‘tight’ starting last year - tons of years lifting not properly and wreaking havoc on my joints… i read one article here on tnation about planting your feet into the ground and that has been a life saver…