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Thoughts on Carnivor Beef Protein?

Has anyone tried this or have any thoughts on it?

Tastes decent. My only thing is that they’re trying to play the creatine off like you’re getting “natural” creatine from meat in there, where in reality its just creatine monohydrate. Its hyrozlized though and just abnout all of musclemeds stuff is legit.

[quote]honest_lifter wrote:
Has anyone tried this or have any thoughts on it?[/quote]
I haven’t tried it, but it seems like an expensive supplement ($43 for 28 servings) for something that is more easily gotten through whole foods.

If you’re eating “six to nine pounds of beef a day” like Kai supposedly does, then maybe you could try making a case for a beef protein powder (though in that situation, you’d likely see more benefit to more diverse protein sources).

The “extra, concentrated creatine” is essentially a non-issue, because if you want to use creatine, it’s inexpensive enough to add to any protein shake on your own.

In all, I think the overwhelming majority of lifters would prefer to chew their steaks, while using shakes to provide protein from other efficient sources, for example, slow-digesting micellar casein in Metabolic Drive or fast-absorbing casein hydrolysate in MAG-10 - things you couldn’t as easily get from whole foods.

I’ve been using it for about 3 months now. I like to use a variety of quality proteins,so I rotate it in with my other sources. Just got some of the new Carnivor shooters for when I’m traveling on my job. 50 grams of protein per shot,taste is good,orange or fruit punch flavored beef blood yummm!