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Thoughts on Bloodwork and Dose Adjustment

Have some bloodwork back. For background, I am 37 years old, 6’5” 230 ~15% bf (4 pack abs)… I’ve been on self-prescribed TRT for a year after getting “diagnosed” hypo by a clinic and offered cookie-cutter high end protocol (200mg/week plus hcg and ai.) At that time TT was 370, FT was 6.8.

Current dose is 160mg/week UGL Test E split into two injections Sunday/ Thursday. No other drugs besides daily UGL Cialis ~5mg. This dose I adjusted up over time from 120 SubQ > 140 SubQ > 140 IM > 160 IM, approximately 3 months at each dose, although I don’t have accompanying bloods. Here’s what we’re looking at. Blood draw was at 4 day trough Thursday morning before injection.

TT, FT, and HCT are what surprised me a bit here. My initial thoughts are to lower my dose a bit and schedule a therapeutic phlebotomy this week to address the HCT. All other markers are in range. Blood pressure is pretty consistent around 110/60.

The only side effect, which started in the last month or two, is some acne on my chest and occasionally neck or forehead. I’ve lost approximately 100 pounds and look and feel good. I feel like I probably got 90% of the benefits at 120mg, with a little better mood/energy/drive each time I adjusted up. Unfortunately a little harder to dial in since I didn’t take bloods at each dose.

Having said all that, I am considering a dose adjustment back to 120 mg to manage the HCT and get rid of the acne, as well as going to give some blood this week as mentioned earlier. Then follow up with bloods in a couple months.

Thoughts? Opinions? Chastising for not getting more bloods along the way? All input welcomed.

You’re not that high and doing that buys you maybe 4-6 weeks of lower levels. Take naringrin (buy the raw powder on Amazon and cap it yourself; it’s cheap) and/or eat a grapefruit a day. That plus a dose adjustment are your best avenues here. Bloodletting is very temporary. The long term issue is the use of testosterone and if that’s not going away then donating isn’t going to be your solution. I say this as someone who has struggled with HCT for the entirety of my time on trt.

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No need for that.

How was the acne at the lower dose? Was there any?

Now it becomes your call, were you better at 140mg or 120mg?

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Thanks for the tip. I will look into that. Yes I realize giving blood is a very temporary solution, and perhaps I even overreacted to the numbers. My pre-TRT HCT was only 41 so it was a fairly significant increase.

Zero acne noted at 120 or 140.

Slightly better at 140. Although I assume there is some type of tradeoff for those extra mgs.

It would seem if your acne started at 160mg, but was not an issue at 140mg, you simply drop it down if it is of concern.

In reality, I’ve seen some crazy skin reactions seemingly related to testosterone. I’ve seen guys who had their skin break out, at first, only to clear up over time. I’ve seen guys who have been on TRT for years, start to break out only to see it resolve over time. I have also seen guys who had acne after starting TRT, only to see it clear up when we increased the dose.

Maybe, there is a reason weightlifters increased testosterone dosage from 200mg a week to 400mg, to 600mg. At your levels, and those dosages, you may not note much difference.

Good luck with your adjustments.

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Appreciate the input, brother. Going to skip the phlebotomy, add a little grapefruit to the diet, and dropped my dose today to 120/week.

As I’m on this for life, and haven’t ruled out a blast in the future, I lean more towards the minimum effective dose rather than necessarily the maximally effective dose, if that makes sense. Will reassess in a couple months.

In case this may be helpful to you.

See here and below on effects of total weekly dosage and dosing frequency. Only way I brought my Hct back into range (if that is important to you) was lowering the dosage.